Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Everybody is sleeping all night again - except me. Something about them being asleep seems to wake me up. It is 4:25 in the morning right now!
No fever, lots of coughing and snot. I am so ready for these colds to be gone. I think we are going to cut down on going anywhere. We did today and they did fine until they realized we didn't go to town just to get them a toy. Nope sorry. This started a melt down, with the boys. But Abbie thought they needed some help. So all 3 screaming their heads off. This attracts a lot of attention. They never act like this when we go some where, I am blaming it on the colds. If it is not the colds they may never go anywhere again. I can't handle that. Plus they can't handle it either, it could cause sore fanny's. Yea right, they look at me like I have lost my mind when I threaten them, they are so scared of me.
So far the gate is working. I think I have only picked up 1 blanket in the living room, no toys. YEA!!! I don't remember the last time my living room has stayed this clean with them at home.
I need to clean the carpet one day. I am hoping the carpet cleaner has the same effect that the vacuum does on them. They hate it. They think it is going to get them. I LOVE it. Vacuuming is the quietest time around here. If I have a head ache, I drag out the vacuum. Sounds strange, but they get on the couch and watch me. They don't talk, yell or fight. It is so quite!
I need to clean the whole house. It has never had a good cleaning. We moved in on Thanksgiving weekend in 2004. Then we found out I was pregnant in April 2005. Then we found out there was 3!!! No cleaning after that. And it really has not been done since then. No time, I do good just getting the dinning room swept. I really wish we had a dog and then I would not have to worry about that. I think I would name it Hoover! But Mike says there are enough live "things" in this house now, not adding to it! I was looking at the lights in our bath room. They look sort of furry, lots of dust collected on them. I quit looking after that. Well I am hoping that I might be able to get one room a month, clean it really good. and just start over when I am finished, that way it would stay done. I miss the days when I would just start on on end and go to the other and everything was done. I can spend a day just straightening up the monkeys rooms. Oh well, some day!
I am ready for spring! I am hoping they will be old enough this year that I can leave them in the fenced in yard and I can work in the yard. Nothing has been done in our yard. I put out a few shrubs, which Mike has killed, before we found out about the trips. But that was it. I want flowers and it to look decent. Mike thinks if the grass is cut once a month nothing else needs to be done. WRONG! I want to rake all these leaves up, make a good fire. If it were not supposed to be so cold tomorrow I might get that done. Like I said - some day!
OK - I am heading back to bed. Maybe I can get back to sleep a little bit before they start crawling out!

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