Saturday, January 10, 2009

Everybody seems to be getting better. I sure hope that there are not any recurrences! Last night the monkeys were in bed asleep by 8:30. I was asleep by 9:00. Andy woke up 2 times and everyone else slept all night YEA!!!! This was the first time since Mon. night. So I got about 10 hours sleep! YEA! I hope they do that good tonight. But it is 9 and they are still up, maybe by 9:30/10.
We now have a gate in the hall between their rooms and the living room. They can open it, but it is not for them. It is for their toys. They all seem to end up in the living room and no one knows how they got there. Strange... Any way they can't get down the hall now with the larger of the toys, so they can't get to the living room. They have also been told that anything left in the living room will be going into the trash. Well not really, but into the storage room, maybe never to be seen again for months. I loose things in there all the time and don't find them for months.
I think tomorrow I am going to load up the snot machines and we are going to go somewhere. Every one else carries their kids out with snotty noses, why can't I. With one exception, I will keep their noses wiped. I can't stand to see a little kid with dried snot on their face. At home is one thing, but when you go some where, wipe it off.
Oh well/ Levi has discovered I am not in the living room and now has his snotty nose stuck under the door calling me. Got to go!

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