Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday we had a really good day, most of it. It was pretty out side and we went out. The monkeys were playing out in the yard. Swinging, fighting, digging in the dirt, just having a good day. I was stripping old paint off of a swing to go on the front porch. Levi decided that he wanted to watch me for awhile. Soon all 3 of them were on the carport with me. They had the sidewalk chalk drawing on the carport. I was still working on the swing. Levi or Andy called me and I turned to see what he wanted and the scraper slipped and I cut my finger. Blood going everywhere. Lets go in the house. NO! Mamas bleeding, lets go in the house. NO I am not ready. I finally got them in the house and went into the bathroom to get something. I get back to the kitchen, Andy has a gallon of milk out, 3/4 full drinking out of it. Levi is dumping the mop water in to the floor. That's what I get for not dumping it first thing before we went out. I still have not looked at my finger. Wrap another paper towel around it and start cleaning up the mess. Abbie says Mama, Mama. What Abbie, she points to my bedroom. I ask her are the boys in there. Yes. I go get the boys out of my bedroom. Tell them they can't go in there with out Daddy or Mama. Go to finish in the kitchen. Mama, Mama. What Abbie, she points to my bed room, again. Boys back in there? Yes. I go get them out again. Grab a bunch of dirty towels to soak up the rest of the mop water. And then I get to look at my finger. It is pretty deep, but not to big. So I think I will just put a band aid on it and go on. Then I get to thinking about a tetanus shot. I think the last one I had was about 15 years ago. So Monday morning I get to go to the doctor and get me a shot. Just in case. This was all around 5 in the afternoon, everything went down hill after that. The boys got into everything after that. They pulled the books off the bookshelves. They trashed their room and Abbie's. Well at least the first part of the day was good.
Sat. we didn't do anything. Granny called and wanted to go to town Sat afternoon. So around 4 we went with granny to Bremen. We started home around 7. They didn't like this. It was dark. They are at home when it gets dark. I don't think we have been out after dark over maybe 10 times that they can remember.
Today we went to Alyssa's birthday party she was 1. They had a good time. But the boys love babies. They wanted to play with her so bad. Holding her hand and talking to her. Abbie could have cared less, where's the cake, didn't you say this was a birthday party. Then we came home and got daddy. Off to Captain D's for supper. This was a first for them. They ate OK. But they had ate cake & junk at the birthday party. But it started getting dark. "READY TO GO HOME, ITS GETTING DARK!" But we went to granny & pops and stayed awhile. That was OK with them. Then home & to bed. Levi pitched a fit wanting a big cup with a straw. Thanks granny. Granny had let them drink her milk. 3 straws 1 glass. So now they don't want their sippy cups. Oh well.
Off to bed! Good Night!

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