Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey, it has been a quite few days. But I guess it is over for now. Levi has got the crud. Stuffy nose and chest congestion. I am kind of wondering if he is going to have to go to the doc. If so it will be the first time he has had to go for being sick. Not to bad considering he is 3. Andy has never been for being sick either. Now Abbie has been a couple of times and has also had to have her head sewed up. Right now she holds the record.
This morning we had waffles for breakfast. I was putting Abbie's plate away and turned around and Andy & Levi had a streak of pancake syrup right down the middle of their hair. I got as much as possible out and gave them a hair cut. I had told them I was going to if they did this again. But I think they like their hair cuts. I do! I will make some pictures tomorrow. They are so ticklish that you almost have to chase them to cut their hair, so tomorrow I have got to even it up some. Abbie was mad because I would not cut hers like theirs! Sorry Abbie, I don't think so!
Levi was standing in his chair this morning and some how it turned over. He hit the back if his head and bit his lip. But it never slowed him down. Scared me!
They are upset that it is raining here and they can't go out side. They kept telling me today they were ready to go. They get this from my granny Walker. She was always ready to go. They also love to argue. My granny also love to argue. My mother said she would argue with a sign post and get mad it didn't argue back! Well my boys are just like this.
Abbie got up between 4 & 4:30 this morning. Screaming mama!!! I went in there and she wanted to get on the couch. Well, get on the couch, you didn't need to get me up for that. around 5:15 she started screaming. Went in there and she wanted to give granny a big hug & kiss. Granny left around 7:30 the night before, running a little late Abbie. But she woke Levi up this time. He came into the living room looked around and said "put me in the bed mama". He was not impress with Abbie, to early in the morning. Around 6, she did it again! Her "blankey" needed to be tied. I tied the "blankie", turned on the TV and laid on the couch hoping it would be good enough I was in the same room with her and she would let me sleep. WRONG! 6:30, I am not even sure what it was this time. At breakfast she looked at me and says "Abbie slept good last night!" I almost pinched her head off for that!
Well I think everyone is asleep in the living room. I will put them in the bed a finish cleaning up. I am going to stay up to see if Levi's fever goes up any, if so give him some more med. at midnight.
Have a good night!

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