Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hope everyone had a Good Christmas. We did! The monkeys are more rotten now that ever! They got so much stuff, they don't know where to start to play with it all.

Now this place really looks like a toy store!
Abbie got all these little girl things, but guess what she jumped right in a started playing with...

Yep, the boys tool bench! BUT, I haven't given up yet, I am still going to try to make a little girl out of her yet!

They have really done good, haven't gotten into to much. They have had a really short fuse for the last few days, but I am hoping they get better now that things are going to be settling down. Speaking of things they have gotten into... At my MIL's the boys went into her bathroom and got a can of Lysol. When I realized they were missing and found them they were spraying it. I think, yes think they only got it on their hands. So they got washed down good and watched really close. Today we were at my mamows house for the Robinson Christmas. They were in the kitchen messing with the stove. They were told that it was hot not to touch it... yea you guessed it. 2 little fingers, the pointer fingers on 2 little boys are now burned. They just had to. Well Levi's is not to bad, a little burn cream and he is fine. Andy well, he didn't move his finger quite as fast as Levi and he has a blister on the end of his finger. He cried and cried. He has walked around all night with that finger stuck straight up. He has not said anything else about it hurting, but you know it does, but he has kept the band aid on it and not let anyone to close to it. Maybe, maybe they will stay away from the stove now! But I am not really counting on it.
Their bed time is getting later and later. This is something that we are going to have to work on. I can't cut them being up until 10 or 10:30. Got to get back to 8:30 ish.
Also we are going to start going to the potty tomorrow! YEA!!! I hope they take to it and all goes well, but we will see!
We went to the mall a few days before Christmas. You know after being somewhere for a few hours and eating and everything you will eventually have to go to the rest room. This is something I don't want to do if Abbie is with me. But I looked for Mike and didn't find him so off we go to the rest room. We get in there in the biggest stall they have, with me telling them do not touch anything, of coarse the boys are checking out everything in there and Abbie decides it is time to start her play-by-play. "Mommy, are you pooping?!?" She does not say this like she is standing right beside you, its more like you are 2 or 3 rooms away. "MOMMY ARE YOU POOPING?!?" No Abbie I am not. Shhh. "MOMMY'S GOT TO POOP!" No Abbie I don't. Lets go. Then we get out in to the mall, find Mike and Abbie decided to tell him were we have been... "DADDY, MOMMY HAD TO POOP!" SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ABBIE! She does this every time I have to carry her with me to the restroom. I think I am going to send her with Mike next time he has to go! HA HA!
My mom & dad gave me the best Christmas present this year! I wish I had made a picture of it, but I didn't so you will just have to wait until I get it back to see it. A portrait of my monkeys in pastels. It is so good! I LOVE it! I carried it to be framed Friday and they said it will be 2 weeks or so before they get it ready. I hope it doesn't take that long. But I will put a picture on here when I get it back!
Well it's past my bed time! Have a good night!

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