Monday, January 19, 2009

I have reclaimed my living room! For the folks that have not seem my living room, for the last, say 3 years it has been stripped down to the bare minimum. The less that was in there the less for the monkey to get into. Well they have a good bit more they can get into now. But it sure make it feel more like home with everything in there. I have lamps on the tables, books on the book cases, all kinds of things which most folks take for granted. Don't look at these poor little lamps. Mike broke one of the lamps that went in the living room about the time we had to put them up. So when I got ready to put them back in there I didn't have but one. I will have to check to see if I can get another one. I have a set of mamows lamps that I am thinking of putting in there. Later, after I decide they are not going to trash the place and they won't get broke. But until I decide what to do these will do just fine. They have not really bothered to much, except for the phone. I may have to put it up again. It sure is nice to be able to find a book to read for someone over the age of 3.
Potty training... Well not to much to say on this. The boys were doing so good, until they got sick. Then everything sort of went out the window. Oh well. Maybe some day. I am just going to go with the flow. But I am so tired of changing diapers! Think about it, 3 years x 3 butts x 6 diapers a day (average) = 6570 diapers! That is a lot of diapers. An even better one than that. The average cost of a diaper is .30 cents. That is $1,971, for something to hold poop, to be tossed into the trash. And then there are the wipes. Those little things are expensive. Yep, they need to be going to the potty! But they don't think so and they have complete control over this one. I suppose we will try this again in a few weeks.
Well, heading back to bed, maybe sleep a couple of hours before they get up this morning.

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