Thursday, January 29, 2009

I went to the dentist yesterday. While I was there I made the monkeys all appointments for their first dentist visit! They told me that they wanted to carry them back one at a time. I told her that they best make them on different days then. I am not to sure that they would have got Andy & Levi to go back by their selves if they were both there. So Andy goes the first of Feb. Abbie and Levi are going in March. This should be interesting. But I did warn Dr Green that they do bite!

They have been so ill today. It has been rainy all day today and they have not got to go out side. If it had not been so cool on top of the rain I would have got their rain coats out and we would have went walking. But it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so they will be getting out of the house. I am not sure what we will do if it gets really cold again. But I am with them. Some days I want out of this house so bad. Just to walk around in the yard is enough to make me feel better. But they don't want to come back in, even when it is really cold out.

We are planning a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. I am looking forward to it so much. We will be meeting another triplet mom or 2 there. Can you see it now, 3 women and 9 kids. I think we will attract some attention. I have not told the monkeys about it yet. I will more than likely wait until the day before to tell them. They don't understand - next week or next month yet so they get mad at me if I tell them about things to far in advance.

I wish there was something close by that they would enjoy. There is the Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort in Waco. But that seems more like an outdoor thing. So we will be waiting until summer to check it out. It sounds like it would be cute. There was the Rocky Branch Railroad in between Villa Rica & Temple but I can't get their web site to come up so I am not sure it is still open. Next time I am in Villa Rica I will have to check this out. But that could be a while. Anybody have any ideas of anything around here I haven't thought of? Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. I can't wait to meet up with you and your monkeys! We need to find a half-way point to meet up and we can let them all run wild. At a park or Monkey Joes or something while us mamas drink coffee (or whatever!).