Sunday, December 21, 2008

I will be so glad when Christmas is over. Well, all the running around anyway. (I am kind of looking forward to Christmas morning!) There has been so much going on. The monkeys do really great when we are out some where, BUT then when we get home... IT starts. Nothing makes them happy. Tonight Mike plugged up the Christmas tree - (yea, it is still standing, well sort of, it is sort of leaning right now). But any way, Mike plugged up the Christmas tree, Andy went nuts! He cried and screamed for I know 20 mins. I could not do anything with him. When I finally got him to calm down, he was mad because he didn't get to plug the tree up. It really didn't help matters when I told him that he was NOT going to get to plug the tree up for quite awhile. If it is something that they can do I will normally undo what ever I just did and let them try it. But not plugging things in, nope, no way. It is just little things like this that set them off. Levi had a melt down tonight because Andy had his blanket. The other one was laying right beside him and they are exactly the same. They just get so tired when we are going all the time.
Today was Doug and Nellie's 50th wedding anniversary reception. The monkeys went to granny & pops while Mike & I went on over there. Then they came to the church with granny & pops. They had a ball! Not only did they get to load up on junk (for the 2nd day) but they got to play with uncle Mickey. They had a ball. I think uncle Mickey had a good time to. I bet he sleeps good tonight!
Yesterday, we had the Walker Christmas. They were so funny, I told them we were having Christmas with granny's family. So then all I heard was "going to Christmas, granny's family". I tried to explain to them that it was their family also, but I am not sure they understood. But they get a lot more than I think they do, so who knows.
Then we went to my uncle Edward & aunt Joyce's 50th anniversary. I think the monkeys had a good time there also. They were checking out the church, we got to chase them down several times while we were there. Tammy did so good with the food! And everything looked so pretty.
I thought about uncle Dale this morning around 2 when I went in to check on the boys. Levi was still holding the little bottle of honey that he gave him! I am so glad that it had that plastic on the top of it, the kind that you have to have scissors to get off. I didn't even look at it but it has to be, Levi had not got it open!!!! If it had of been open you would have heard me screaming! I sure don't want to clean honey off their bed! I think we may have biscuits in the morning and I'll let him try his honey.
Also - I didn't forget - I just got side tracked - I do this often!
I was going to tell you Saturday, but like I said, I get sidetracked very easy lately.
Also, Thank You for the monkey's clothes. Abbie was wanting to ware one of the little shirts today, in 30 some odd degree weather!
Tomorrow we have got to go finish some shopping for Christmas. One more thing to get and we are done. YEA! Then we have got to look for shoes for the monkeys. I tried their dress shoes this weekend and they are to little. I think they may have worn the 5 or 6 times. I am not sure what kind to get, but I know there will be lots of growing room in them!

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