Friday, January 9, 2009

Well all 3 monkeys are sick now. After a night from you know where, they all went to the doctor today. Abbie & Andy - real bad colds. Levi - real bad cold w/chest congestion. So Levi gets prescriptions. And the doctor tells me "Wait until he has been asleep for about 30 mins. before you give him that medicine". WHAT?!? "Well it will make him hyper and he won't go to sleep." Oh great, just what we need, some thing to make one of the monsters hyper. So I am waiting for Levi to be asleep for awhile to give him this med. It should be interesting!
I am hoping they sleep tonight, it would be really bad if Mike missed any more sleep! Yea right. He got up 2 times before midnight last night. Decided he needed some cough med. and I didn't see him until this morning. Poor thing I hope he gets to sleep all night tonight. On top of that he got up and took prescription cough medicine this morning. Mike can't take a no-doze Benadryl with out it knocking him out. Real smart on his part.
Levi just got his medicine. He did good now, just don't wake up bouncing off the walls!
I still haven't got my Christmas stuff down. I guess if it is still up next year all I will have to do is plug it up. That would be a short cut. But it does look kind of funny having a Santa out in the yard and trees on the porch. Maybe next week.
Have a good night!

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