Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yesterday I went to the doctor to get my tetanus shot. Abbie went with me and the boys went with Mike. On the was to the doctor Abbie asked where we were going. She was not sure she wanted to go with me to the doctor. The She told me - fake cough- "Abbie no feel good." I told her I was fine I just had to get a shot. She thought she felt a lot better after that.
At the doctor's office they spotted Abbie really quick. They love to see the monkeys. I think Abbie is the only one they have seen in the office. Just seen the others around town. So they all talked to her and made over her. She was having a blast with "her public". Like I tell her she is a little princess.

Mike & the boys got out and walked while we were gone. They called papaw to go with them. I think papaw was impress that they never seem to wind down. They are like the energizer bunny - they just keep going and going. They loved getting out and walking with daddy & papaw. Maybe they can do it again today!!!!

When we got home they were drawing on the car port with their sidewalk chalk. Thanks Aunt Judy! They love this stuff. I have got to see if I can find them some more.
It is yuck out side right now. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon, but I am hoping that it clears up and we can get out of the house some after I get back.

I am going to start spring cleaning. I want to get most of the things in my bedroom that they don't need to get into put up so we can leave the door open at night. I will have to put a door knob cover on the bathroom door. I am not even going to try to monkey proof my bathroom!
They are getting big enough to come crawl in the bed with us some times. I know most people would think it was strange that they have never really done this, but think about it. There are 3 of them - if they all came and got in our bed we would have to find some where to sleep.

Having triplets is great, I would not change a thing. But there are so many things I feel like we missed out on because there were 3 of them. Like holding them all the time and them being the center of the world when they were born. They were, but they had to share this. Like deciding to run to town or anywhere for that matter. With one you just go. With 3 you have to plain ever thing. Not as much now as when they were smaller. But there are things that you get to be part of because they are triplets. Like the bond that they have. This has been there since they were tiny babies. I know most brothers & sisters have this, but it grows as they do.. These 3 got here with it. The boys can look at each other and they never say a word and go start doing something. It is like they know what the other one is thinking.
Oh and let not forget what 3 toddlers the same age can get into. It has been the normal fighting and making a mess lately, thank goodness.

Someone told me when they were little that they would not wish triplets on their best friend or their worst enemy. I under stand this now. I thought they were crazy at the time. You would not with them on your best friend because of all you & they miss out on because there are 3 of them. You would not wish them on your worst enemy because of all the great things you get to experience because there are 3 of them.

Got to go I hear something in the living room sounds like lots of little pieces.


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