Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It has been a quite few days. Not much happening, no ER trips, no tornado warnings so all is well. We got out side for a while today. I was starting to think they were not going to want to go out. This morning I pulled out the Lego. I am not talking about a few Lego I am talking about a X-large clothes basket full of Lego. They have had a ball. They are making choo choo trains with it. Uncle Alan brought a big bag to go with what we got from Cynthia last year and what they got for Christmas. There are all kinds of animals mixed in with them. So we must be making circus trains.
I have been working on our swing for several weeks. I have got all the old paint off it and sanded it and today I got the first coat of paint on it. It looks so much better. I can't wait to get it put up on the porch. I also got the leaves raked out of my flower (weed) bed. I started this flower bed when we moved in 2004. Well nothing much has been done to it since then. But this year the monkeys are big enough that they can play in the fenced in yard while I work on the flower beds. I am going to finish moving the monkey grass, and paint the block work under the house. Then I want something around the front of the house. There has nothing been done around here, it is driving me crazy. I want it to look like someone lives here. I don't think I can handle anyone else st oping to see if we have any opening in our daycare!!! Oh and I got all the leaves burned today. There was so many of them it would have taken forever to have hauled them all out of the yard. So, since there was no grass where I had raked them I just burned them there. So now one trip with the wheelbarrow and I can clean the left overs up. So much easier.

I got my ticket for the aquarium today. Now we just have to decide on what day we will be going. We are going to be meeting 2 other triplet moms up there. So it will be 3 moms & 9 kids (3 sets of triplets). That should be a sight to see. The monkeys are the oldest. Levi & Andy will be in hog heaven. They LOVE babies. Abbie on the other hand could care less. But I am looking forward to it.

Well I think I am going to see what is on TV other than Sprout.

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