Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mike & I were talking last night and we remembered there was a small playground behind Papa's Pizza in Bowdon. So today we decided that we wanted to go check it out. We had been down here about a year ago and there was not to much that the monkeys could do there. So I called granny to see if she wanted to go with us. They loved it! Abbie was really careful. Andy was everywhere. I think he tried everything. He scared me climbing the way he does. Levi was also a little dare devil. But he was not real fond of the slide. Abbie went down the slide by her self one time. That was it for her. After that the only way I could get her to slide was in my lap. Andy loved the slide! There were 4 or 5 different slides. I think Andy went down all of them. There was a double slide, he got me to slide with him on this. It was one of those "bumpy" slides. I am hoping my rear end is not upset with me tomorrow over this.

After playing for awhile, we ate pizza. The poor woman down there tried to get me to get them a personal pizza for them to share! Yea right. Then we keep asking questions and she says or they can get the pizza bar for .99. I was like why didn't you tell me that in the first place. They had no prices up in this place. But after starting to eat I remembered I don't really care for Papa's Pizza. I don't like the sauce. But we all had pizza today to around $11. Andy ate 2 or 3 slices, Abbie ate 1 and Levi ate 2. Yea, one of those little bitty pizza's and they would have looked at me like I had lost my mind!

We carried Granny home and the monkeys decided they were staying with granny & pops. So I came home in granny's car. I got the living room, dinning room & kitchen cleaned up. Floors mopped! YEA! I moved everything in the living room and vacuumed. I think I got around 1/2 a bag of M&M's from under the couches. I don't think they really like them, they just like to play with them.

Granny brought the monkeys home this evening. Abbie brought me some flowers. She picked them and put them in the vase for me. They are so pretty.

Well my monkeys are asleep. For some reason Levi decided he didn't want to sleep in his bed tonight. So he is on the couch. Can't blame him, that couch sleeps really good. That's were I slept when I was pregnant and could not get up off the bed by my self anymore.

Abbie is sleeping sideways. She has her foot under her pillow.

Andy is tangled up in his cover. I have to undo that before I go to bed.

Have a good night!

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