Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today has been "one of those days!" It has been a gray dreary day and every ones mood has been about the same. The monkeys have been so ill. I have washed clothes, cleaned out the cabinets in the kitchen, anything I could come up to do to stay out of their way. I know that sounds terrible but if I was in the room with them, one of them would want me told hold them. Well that is well and good, but if you hold one of them the others want you to hold them also. But the one who got up there first would go ballistic because they didn't want you to hold the other 2. So it was just easier to stay out of their way. But I did get some of my kitchen cabinets cleaned out!

Tonight Aunt Annice & Uncle Benny came to see us. It was like someone flipped a switch. The monkeys were like different kids. They were in a fairly good mood. Aunt Annice brought Abbie some dresses. Yea, she now has an Easter dress. And the boys a couple set of shorts & shirts. We are getting some shorts, shirts and dresses for this summer. Thanks to Aunt Annice & Aunt Judy! Also I will be going to a few consignment sales next month. Most of the monkeys clothes come from consignment sales. I am not sure what we would do if not for them.

Tomorrow we are going to get out of the house for awhile. We are going to go get our taxes filled out. I am not sure why I haven't gone already. I don't think I have got used to getting anything back. For 14 years if we didn't have to pay an arm & leg we thought we were doing good. We went from a couple with 2 incomes to a couple with 3 kids and 1 income. That really hurts. I still have not got used to having to tell Mike when I need some money. I HATE having to ask for money. Having worked for 26 years, having my money, this is taking some getting used to. But I am hoping that we will be getting a good bit back. It will help us get through another year.

The monkeys going to bed at 8:00 is working out really well. The only problem I have right now is if they keep going to bed a 8:00 they won't get to see their daddy for the next 4 days. So I may be letting them stay up till around 9:00. They have got to where I put them in the bed and they lay down and go to sleep! Makes me wonder where my monkeys are! They have not laid down and gone to sleep like that since they have got out of baby beds! But it sure is nice!

Speaking of going to bed, that's where I am headed! Good Night!


  1. Easter will be here before we know it! Brady and Emma Leigh are going to have their pictures made with a live rabbit. Emma Leigh won a photo contest at Wal-Mart.