Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today has been one of those days. It really was OK until around 5 or 5:30. Then the tornado warnings started. Looking at the radar they were headed right for us. For some reason they seem to follow the interstate. One of the fun things about living close to the interstate. We went to my mom & dads house. On the way up there the monkeys were saying this is fun. I guess the "fun" part must have been when we were getting shoes on them and getting them out the door in a hurry. We NEVER go anywhere in a hurry. It takes planning to go somewhere with the monkeys so they thought that was fun. I had been working in Abbie's room most of the day. They boys had been bring me screws. When I would ask where they were getting them they would tell me Abbie's bed. They had/have no screwdriver, so I have no idea how they were getting the screws out, but when I checked, Abbie's bed was almost on the floor. So I had to take it apart and fix it. Then we had to leave and got up to mom & dads. Abbie's room was still upside down. We got up there and Andy was playing with a ball. The ball went under the edge of the kitchen table and Andy raised up and hit his head. It sounded like the kitchen chair had turned over and hit the floor it was so loud. I grabbed him up and he could not catch his breath. Got him to breath and looked at his head, there was a big purple goose egg there. It was huge. So in the middle of the storm we are leaving to go to the ER. We were going to Carrollton and we got into hail. Lots & lots of hail. It sounded like the van was getting beat with something, the road was white in front of us. I was on the phone with Alan, finding out which way the storm was going. This is when we decided that we would be going to Bremen. We got there and pretty much went right back. We saw the doctor. They checked Andy out really good and told us he was OK. He is just going to have a sore head. So then it was time to go home. In the storm. Listening to the radio, weather reports, and all of the wrecks on the interstate. I am not sure this is correct but I hears someone say there were at least 20 cars wrecked on there tonight. We got home about 8:45. Mike had to leave for work at 9. So he helped me get the monkeys in the house. And yes, we live in Alabama, the wind blew over 2 times and the power was out. So I got the lamps turned on and got everyone ready for bed. Or in this case the couches. Andy & Levi were sound asleep soon. Abbie was still awake at 11:30. But she went and got on the love seat around 11:45 and she was sound asleep before 12. The power came on a little before 12. I got Abbie's bed back together before the power came back on. I replaced all of the screws in her bed. I also put wood glue the the screw holes before I put the screws in. Now lets see if the boys can get them out. They are so much like their uncle Alan when it comes to things like that! I got the kids in their beds and decided to get me a bath. It was around 1:30. I get in there go to turn the water on... NO WATER! OK what else is going to happen!!!
So I get on the phone and make some calls. They know there is a water leak, they just can't find it. OK, no bath tonight. Did I mention that I got a bath yesterday around lunch. Didn't wash off my make up last night. Got up with back (mascara) circles under my eyes. Started doing things here, no bath. Storms hit, go to my parents house, no bath. Andy hits head, go to ER, no bath. I had on house shoes, sweats and a gray t-shirt. I went to the restroom while we were there and wiped the black circles from under my eyes. That may have been why we got back so fast. They were trying to get me to where everyone could not see me. And now it looks like I will have to wait till the water is back on. Maybe I will get to take a shower tomorrow.

I am heading to the bed now. Maybe I will get to sleep for a few hours before they decide to get up.

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