Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today it was so nice out! The monkeys started early wanting to go outside. I had to go get groceries. Bad as I hate going shopping, it was nice to get out by my self for a little while. I talked to Mike on the way up there and he told me there were 4 deer in our backyard. We have never seen deer in our yard before. Other people have told us about seeing them, but today was a first. Mike said they were back there for about 30 mins. The monkeys loved it! Here is a picture, maybe you can see the deer. Mike made this out Abbie's window.

We got to go walking this afternoon. The monkeys love it until we are about half way through. They somebody gets tired and wants to be carried. Nope, sorry, you have got to walk. It was Levi today. He told me he had a splinter in his toe and that I needed to carry him. I told him not a problem daddy will get the splinter out with him knife. That toe got better really fast. Then when we got home he was right there with the other 2 wanting to play in the yard. I think they stayed out there until around 6 tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be another pretty day. Then here comes the rain again. I am not looking forward to that.

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