Friday, February 6, 2009

We got to get out of the house today! YEA!!!

I don't think I could have taken another day like yesterday. It was Mike's first day home in several days. That always makes for a bad day. They were all to ill. They argued with Mike and he with them. I got to the point I was going to tell all 4 of them to sit down and be quiet when I remembered I needed to run to the store. So off I went. When I got back everyone was still alive, Mike was not tied up so I guess they worked it out. The rest of the night was not to bad.

I cleaned up their rooms this morning. This afternoon, we went out side. They played in the yard for awhile. Then we walked in the woods for awhile. Came back and they played in the yard some more. Then they got the side walk chalk and wrote on the carport. Then they wanted their tricycles. They rode these on the car port. It was the first time That they really rode their tricycles. They have played with them for over a year, but I think they enjoyed them today. Uncle Alan, Emily & John John came over for awhile so they got to play with them. This was good because they love company and we hardly ever have any.

Abbie and Levi are ready to go to the dentist. Andy got a tooth brush and stickers. They want theirs! NOW! They don't really understand when I tell them next month. Levi told me he was ready to go. I told him he was going in March. He says, "I don't want to march. I want to go to dentist."

Well everyone is asleep right now and I think I am going to go to bed also!
Good Night!

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