Saturday, February 21, 2009

We stayed in today. I finally got Abbie's room cleaned up and everything put where it needs to be. Now if it would just stay there. But I will not be holding my breath on that one. Tomorrow it will look like I have not done anything in there for months. The boys room looks like that now.

Andy's knot on his head has a nice yellow, or as the boys would say lellow, color to it today. The knot had not gone down much. I am kind of wondering when it will.

The monkeys have been getting in the bed later and later. And getting up earlier and earlier. They have been ill and very hard to get along with. So for the last 2 night I have been making them get in the bed at 8:00pm. They have not been real happy about it but they have done it. They are asleep by 9:00. They were in a lot better mood today with the extra sleep so we will keep this up. I am dreading this summer when it is not dark at 8:00. I am not sure I can get them in the bed before dark. But I am sure going to try.

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