Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DR COLEMAN IS BACK!!!!!! I guess you can tell I am excited! I was getting ready to change to a different pediatric practice and now I don't have to go through that. Lori carried Alissa to her today and she liked her. Then she called to let me know she is back. YEA!!!!!

Andy is going to see Dr Hubbard on Friday. So we will find out what is going on with his arm then. I hope it is not broke and that it is better by then. I hope. I have been giving him pain meds and he slept all night last night. He has been up playing this morning. I have been trying to find things for them to do in the house. I don't want to have to try to keep him out of the sand out side. Playing in the sand is their favorite thing to do out there. If it is broke I will just have to deal with that when we find out.
They played with puzzles all morning and I just got the logo's out. That should be enough to keep them busy the rest of the day.

Levi has a dentist appointment tomorrow. I hope that he does as good as Andy did at his.

Well I am making Abbie some new hair bows, like she doesn't have any. But like I have said I am trying to make a little girl out of her!

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