Sunday, March 8, 2009

Granny came and got the monkeys this morning. They played out side, rode the golf cart, got to see their cousins Emily & Jonathan (John John) and had a picnic! They were so tired and dirty tonight. We are planning to go with granny to look for a dress tomorrow so I put off baths until in the morning. I don't think it would have been worth the fight tonight. They love to take a bath, but the all want to go first. So that is when the fighting starts.

Abbie is getting a tan already! She is going to be so brown by the end of summer. Tonight when I was changing her clothes I noticed her "farmers" tan already. Maybe it will be warm enough soon she can wear something sleeveless.

I went through their closets getting out all the summer clothes that will be to small for them this year. Poor Abbie has hardly anything left in there. Most of her summer clothes were 3T's. That is just not going to get it this year. So I guess I will be getting 4's & 5's. They are getting to big to fast! I try to buy things are the end of summer/winter for next year, but they don't have a lot for little girls left over. Now the boys, they have a good bit of stuff. I think I get more for them because there are 2 of them. So I am looking forward to the consignment sale, mostly to get Abbie some stuff.

I think I am going to sale their choo choo wagon at the consignment sale. It will be the last of the stroller/wagon type things we have. Most of the time now when we go some where they walk. Like I said they are getting to big to fast. But step 2 has quit making them and I am not sure what kind of price to put on it. I am not even sure their will be anyone who would want it in Carrollton. But I am going to try and sell it.

We have got to get another bar stool for the kitchen. They have discovered they can sit there and eat, watch me cook, or just sit there and talk (and talk and talk) while I clean up the kitchen. I looked at WM the other day but they don't carry bar stools. I would love to get another one like we have but it is just not in the budget. So I guess when I run up on one at the dollar store I will get it. It will be nice for all 3 of them to have a seat and not be fighting over the 2 we have!

Today I was looking for any clothes that might have got put into the storage building that I could sell. While I was looking I found the toys that I had here for Emily and Jonathan. They have been out there for some where around 5 or 6 years or longer. The monkeys thought they had new toys when they got home. They were so funny. I also ran up on a couple of my dolls out there. I got those out for Abbie. I am still trying to make a little girl out of her! She played with the dolls for a while and then got into the boys tools. She played with them more than the boys did. BUT I am not giving up!!!! I think I will put a dress on her tomorrow.

Well the monkeys are in bed and I think I will be heading that way also!

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  1. If you are selling you choo choo wagon and still have it I would be interested in purchasing it from you. Please e-mail me at