Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey, it's been a few busy days.

Last week I had to get things ready for the consignment sale. That meant I was up almost all night after the monkeys went to bed getting everything done. Then I had to carry it all to Carrollton Thurs. morning. Then go back for the sale Thurs. night. I got some really cute things for Abbie. So I have most of her summer things.

Saturday I went to Bowdon to pick up our Angel Food. It sure helps out on the grocery bill. Granny came to stay with the monkeys while I did this. Then they went home with her! YEA!!! I went back to Bowdon and picked up some things we needed. Came home and did some work outside. It is starting to look better!

Sunday we went to granny & pops for lunch. Uncle Alan & Aunt Cheryl, Emily & John John were there. The monkeys had a ball. They were so tired & dirty! They got hair cuts & baths. If you need a work out, try cutting 3, 3 year olds hair and then baths. I was ready for a nap after that!

Today Abbie had a dentist appointment. She did so good! We all went, I am hoping that Levi will do better next time now that he has seen that Abbie lived through having her teeth cleaned! Then we went and got Andy's cast cut off, new x-rays and a new cast put on. He has to wear it for 10 more days. This is really getting old. And it is "lellow" (yellow). And I mean BRIGHT yellow! Just so you know how bright I am talking, They missed a spot with the yellow, I took a yellow highlighter and colored it - it was the same color!!! His appointment was at 3:45, it was 5:05 before they called us back. They were already turing off the lights. Everyone was going home. I was PISSED!!!!! I think that they all knew it by the time we left. Most of the folks in the waiting room came in after we did but we were the last ones called back. I hope they send us a survey to fill out about their office. A lot of the doctor offices are doing this now. But they won't do it when I want one!

We have to go back to Oxford one day - the sports jacket we got pops was the wrong size so it has to be carried back and swapped. I am hoping the monkeys act better this time than they did the last time. Like I said I am hoping!

I don't think we have anything until Andy goes back to get his cast off. So maybe I can get our clothes washed. They car climbing up the wall of the utility room!

Anyway here are some monkey pictures!
This was made going into the GA Aquarium
Andy with his "lellow" cast - told you it was bright! Also his new hair cut.

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