Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today has been a long day.

Levi had a dentist appointment today at 11:00. We don't start to function around here until 9 or 9:30. So breakfast at 9:15 today. The the phone starts ringing. Aunt Cindy is in the hospital. So I am trying to see how she is doing and call Mike to let him know she is sick. And then it is 10:15. I need to be leaving by 11. So I have to get it in gear. Pops came to stay with Abbie & Andy. And we made it to the dentist right at his appointment time. He goes back there by his self. Hey, he's doing good... I thought this to soon. The screaming starts about 5 Min's after he goes back. So I have to go back there. He will not open his mouth, he won't even look at them. So she gets to count his teeth with his jaws clenched. YEA - I knew it was to good to hope that he would do this. So Abbie has the next appointment. I am going to take the whole gang. Andy didn't have any problem going. I think he kind of enjoyed it. So maybe he can show Abbie the ropes, so to speak. And Levi will see that it is no big deal. I hope!

After the dentist we came home and got Abbie & Andy and went to a consignment sale in Coldwater. Then we went back to Carrollton to see Cindy. Then we came home. I drove over 150 miles today. No wonder I am tired. Well today Abbie asked the most hated question by parents when going some where with their kids..."ARE WE THERE YET?" I have not been looking forward to this. Maybe the boys didn't hear her and it was a one time thing - ya think? I also think she has been on the interstate with me to much. Right after we got on she says "Mama, look at that idiot". Oh no - well I guess it could be worse.

Tomorrow Andy has an appointment to go see if his arm is broke. I hope not! But tonight I was telling him if it was, he would get to pick out the color of his cast. Well he chose... are you ready for this...SPIDER MAN. What color do you think that might be? I said, no I mean like red, yellow, blue, green or orange. He looks at me and says "I WANT SPIDER MAN ON MY CAST." Ok, not my problem, I'll let the doctor or nurse or who ever cross that one when they get there. I guess I could take this picture for them to at least know what he wants it to look like!

Granny is going with us to the aquarium. We are going next Tues. The monkeys are going to love it. I hope that they act better here than they did in town last Sat. We might just have to go home if they don't do any better.


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