Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We went to the GA Aquarium today. The monkeys loved it! The boys were always ready to move on and see what was next. But Abbie, I think she would have sat in front of those fish and watched them all day! We met 2 other moms with their triplets up there. Jennifer and her 3, Bo, Anna & Alex who are 16 months old. Ginny and her 3, Evie, Maggie & Josh who are 10 months old. Levi and Andy got their baby fix today. When we were going different ways after lunch Levi and Andy had to kiss the babies good bye! Like I said those 2 love babies! Abbie was not impressed. The only thing she noticed was granny was holding Maggie and not her! This did not go over well! I made a few pictures. I think the only one I got where you could see their faces was before we went in. After that it was the back of their heads. I will post those tomorrow. I am trying to be quiet now so the monkeys will go to sleep and the camera is in the kitchen.

A warning for anyone going to the GA Aquarium. They give you directions to get there, but what they don't tell you is that you may not be able to leave the same way you got there. We could not. Some of the streets are one way and you have to figure out how to get around this little problem. But I was not aware of this problem (didn't think about on the way in) until I went to turn and it was one way! But we made it home after a lot of extra riding!

I am going to go cover up 3 monkeys...again. And I am going to go to bed. I am tired!

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