Sunday, March 8, 2009

We went to town with granny today. We found her a dress and pops a sports coat, so now they are set. Well except for shoe, but they can work on that. The monkeys did OK, for most of the day. We had been to the mall, ate lunch and gone to Martin's when Andy & Levi decided to show their selves. They started running wanting us (granny) to chase them. Levi came back, Andy didn't. He hid in a rack of clothes. At Martin's there are lots of racks. So many it is hard to walk between them some times. So I am walking around calling Andy and of coarse he is not answering me. I happened to see some clothes moving. I wish I had thought to get some one else to get him out. Some one he didn't know. Maybe it would have scared him bad enough that he would not do this again, but I didn't. But he was scared. After we got home they went with granny to get pops. While they were gone I got to thinking about it. They never do this when it is just me. (or they never have) But when Mike or granny go with us it seems like a battle (game to them). I think I have figured it out. I don't chase them. I say "Well, Bye" and walk off. They are right there with me in a few steps. Mike and granny go after them. I can't run after one dragging the other 2, it just does not work. So I told Mike & granny tonight NO more chasing them. But I also told the boys they would have to earn being able to walk again. So I am not going to sell the choo choo. They will go back to riding in it. I will go out in the morning and clean it up and put it back in the van. I think the icing on the cake will be that Abbie can either walk or ride, her call, but she does not run off. Oh well we shall see what happens when I carry them some where by my self.

I hate the time change! It is 11:00 and they have just gone to sleep.I don't know how they know anything is different. We really don't do anything on a strict schedule any more. But they know and it is not good.

Tonight after they went to bed I kept hearing giggling. I went to see what they were doing and all 3 of them were in Abbie's bed. They were playing with her Barbie game. They were so cute.
But tomorrow night we have got to be in bed by 9:00 at the latest. I am not sure if it will be dark by then, I sure hope so.

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