Monday, April 27, 2009

Andy is all better, and I mean ALL BETTER! He has been so mean to Abbie & Levi today. If he was told not to do something, he would look at me and do it while I was standing there watching him. Needless to say he has been in trouble most of the day. I think it ad got backed up for the 4 days he was sick. I hope that he got caught up today and will be back to the normal Andy tomorrow. Plus if everyone has a good night tonight maybe we can get out side some tomorrow. I really didn't think it was a good idea today. Abbie had a really bad night last night. So much congestion and coughing. I know it is allergies. But it has to get better, better than last night anyway. When it sounds like she can't catch her breath I can't sleep. She sounds better tonight so far, I've got my fingers crossed! Levi is still running a fever, not eating much & just laying around. But it has not been as high tonight as it was for the last 2 nights. His started Saturday afternoon, so today is 3 days. Andy's lasted 4 days, so I guess he might have 1 or 2 more days of it. I hope that I get some sleep tonight, this is going on 5 nights with very little sleep. With Mike at work I never sleep good, but better than I did last night.
Good Night!

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