Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter! We are going to church tomorrow, not sunrise services! The only way I could pull that one off is if we all went in our pj's, and then I am not sure we would make it. After church we are going to eat at Mike's mom & dads. Then we are coming home and hiding Easter eggs. The monkeys are looking forward to this. I don't think they remember that we did it last year. I don't think they remember the Easter Bunny leaves them an Easter basket tonight either. But right now that is a mute point, it is after 10 and they are still awake! One of the boys has something beating on it right now. That would be enough to keep me awake.

Today we went to Calhoun. We ate lunch at my aunt and uncles. When we first got there the monkeys were behaving pretty good. Well that didn't last to long. Once they got used to the place they were wild! After lunch before we came home we went over to the outlet mall. They had some good prices on somethings. But most of them seemed to be about the same as in the stores. But then again I was looking at things with 3 - 3 year olds and a husband who really didn't want to be there. Alan & Cheryl were there and they really helped with the monkeys or I would not have got to look at anything! I carried the camera with me today but that was the end of it. Never got it out. Maybe I will do better tomorrow! I sure hope so. I am going to go get it out before I go to be or I will never remember it tomorrow!

Now I am going to make 3 get back in the bed and I think I will go my self!

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