Sunday, April 26, 2009

I carried Andy to the doctor yesterday. They told me it was viral and just to keep doing what I was doing. But if he was still running a fever Monday afternoon to bring him back on Tuesday that it might have turned into something else.

The monkeys were supposed to spend the night with granny & pops Saturday night. Well they all had to go up there with the understanding that I was going to come get Andy that evening. Well about 1:00 mom calls me and says that Levi is now running a fever. OK - Do I need to come on up there. No - I'll just give him Tylenol. Not 15 mins. later she calls back, both boys are crying to come home. THIS IS A FIRST! So I go get the boys. Abbie stays with granny & pops. She is loving this! I did have to send Mike up there with her bicycle (tricycle). As soon as we got home the boys got their pillows and blankets and went to sleep. Mike also went to sleep in the recliner. So I decided that I would join them and got on the couch. We all slept most of the afternoon. I had some push-up in the freezer so I let the boys have these since they were not really eating anything. They did OK, for a while. When we started to eat supper Levi walked into the dinning room and threw-up. He started crying, this was the first time he had ever been sick. He told me that the push-up cause him to "splash". I tripe to tell him it was not the push-up he was just sick but he would not have that. But he seemed to feel better after he "splashed". I was up several times during the night to check on them and give them medicine. Today Andy is a lot better. He still has a low grade fever but he is as mean as ever. I think he is trying to catch up for the last couple of days. They kept asking when their Abbie was coming home. Once she got here they never paid her an attention. Just wanted things back to normal - or as normal as it ever is here.

When granny & pops brought Abbie home they told me she had one of her nights where it seems like she can't breath. I had forgot to send her Claritin with her. So I gave her some then and I have a vaporizer in her room right now. I am hoping she does alright to night. She has not had a fever so maybe she won't get this mess. At least they are not doing it all at the same time.

On top of the monkeys being sick I think I have it or something. I have had a fever of 100 or so since around lunch yesterday. But I feel some better tonight.

Hopefully everyone will be feeling a lot better tomorrow. I sure hope so! Good night all!

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