Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Levi went to the dentist today. I had planned to carry only him this time but last night he told me that he could not leave his Andy & Abbie at home. So the whole gang went. But he did a lot better! He let them clean his teeth and he even talked to Dr Green! YEA!!!!! Maybe we won't have to start over in 6 months when they have to go back!Momma & daddy went to a cocktail party last weekend. It took us awhile to get their clothes together, but here they are. Daddy didn't have his sports coat on. I think they look pretty good!

I just noticed it is quite! The monkeys are asleep! YEA!

The day has got a little better. I still am not happy with Dr Hubbards office. But I will talk to them some more when we go back up there. I may not get them to change anything, but I will know I tried! I do have some questions for the "good" doc.

1-Is this something that can reoccur easily?

2-Is he going to have any problems from this later?

3-Will this bother him when it rains?

4-Will arthritis set up in this?

And anything else I can think of in the next week. I mean I am paying this man 1m dollars. He can at least answer a few questions. Not that I trust him that much. I have talked to several people who have used him as a doctor. I have not heard anyone say anything good about the man yet. I hope we never have the need for an orthopedic doctor again, but if we do, it will not be this man!

Have a good night!

I almost forgot - Brady the little boy with cancer had his surgery yesterday. He is doing GREAT! If you get a chance ready his blog! God answers prayer everyday - here is proof!

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