Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The monkeys have a routine that they pretty much stick with. In the mornings they get up and watch TV. Then when I start breakfast they get out their coloring books and color at the table until breakfast is ready. After breakfast they get out the play dough and play with it until lunch. After lunch if weather permits we go outside and stay out there until supper time. Well today Mike was cutting up the tree that the wind blew down a few days ago. Andy & Levi climbed out of the fenced in area and took off. One went one way and the other the other way. I cough Andy but Levi made it to the back yard where Mike is cutting up the tree. Mike never saw him and he was right in front of him. Scared me to death! Levi said it scared him, I hope it scared him bad! After that I made them go in the house. I feel bad for Abbie when I have to do this because she didn't do anything wrong but she is getting punished also. So I have got to think about this and see what I can come up with. After I made them come in the house they got on the dinning room table. I caught it before it turned over with them on it. They have not got on the table in so long! They got in trouble for that. I wish they had obedience/potty training school for toddler! I have 2 that I would in roll so fast it would make your head spin!

After the tornado warning last night I got on line today to see how much a storm shelter would be. I found this...
It is $3,000 and we will have to go get it in TX. or pay for shipping. It is for 8 people so it would be good to the 5 of us. But coming up with the money is going to be the fun part. But I think it is something we are going to have to do sooner or later.

The rest of the week is going to be nice! I am so glad. Tomorrow we are going to work in the garden. We still have rocks to pick up and I need to be getting it planted soon. I think I am going to wait a couple of weeks before I get tomato plants. I would hate for frost to get them.

I have been looking at my hair for the last few days. It has gotten so long (for me) and frizzy. So tonight I cut about 2-1/2" off it. I love it. It feels so much better and it is not near as frizzy. Now I just have to wait and see what everyone has to say about it.

I am looking forward to getting out side tomorrow and I am also hoping that the boys got it out of their systems today and they will half way mind tomorrow. So I am heading to bed, get some rest and get ready to do battle tomorrow!

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  1. We completely slept through the storm here! It was not that bad. You always seem to get bad storms! When you find that school for toddlers, let me know!