Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We got to go out side today! In the mud!
But we did get out. Everyone was in a much better mood. Even with the mud. They were so cute when we came back in. Mike asked me if I noticed Abbie had a mustache? Yep, mud everywhere. Bath time was fun tonight. But SO SO SO worth it!

Tomorrow Andy has to go back to the doctor. I am hoping that they will tell us that his arm is all better! If it is not, I want to see another doctor. I have a hard time trusting this man. He reminds me of Mr Noodle (add about 20 years) on Sesame Street's Elmo's world. The bow tie does not help. Right now if they tell me it is still not well, it has been over 3 weeks, I am going to ask for a copy of everything and going to go see Dr Coleman. I trust her. See what she has to say. But I am trying to not worry about that tonight.

Tomorrow there is a 60% chance of rain. That means we really will be needing to plant rice in the yard. It is unreal how wet everything is here! If Mike even mentions drought anytime soon I think I will clobber him! And he will, I think that is just one of those things when you work at a water plant! Speaking of which, tonight is Mike's Friday! I am so glad he will be home for a few days (nights)!

Off to bed!

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