Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday the monkeys stuck with their normal schedule until lunch time. We loaded everyone up and went to Arby's. The monkeys love to eat there. I think it is the curly fries that they like. Then we came home and played in the yard for awhile.Thursday the monkeys and I ate breakfast and went to the park. I was hoping that we would beat the heat by going right after breakfast. It was better than right after lunch. For some reason the boys have become fascinated by bugs. Well, until the bug starts towards them, then they want no part of the bug! And all bugs are spiders or spider man. There is a dead spider that they have found out side. It is spider man sleeping.All 3 of them going down this thing. I am not sure what you call it. Abbie being a dare devil!Abbie & Andy going down the slide.Levi looking for bugs!Levi dancing at the top of the slide.

Abbie going down the slide.

After we got back from the park I was putting them a movie in so that I could do some cleaning. As I walked by Andy I ran my hand over his head. He was burning up. His temperature was 102.4. So I gave him Tylenol. It took both Tylenol and Motrin to get his fever down. I gave him medicine for the rest of the day. I got up at 1:00 in the morning and took him temperature again and it was up to 102.4 (I think that is what it was). Once again it took both Tylenol & Motrin to get it down. I stayed up until around 3:30 to make sure it was going down. It was not bad this morning but by lunch it had started going up again. If it goes through the night tonight I am going to call and see if we can get an appointment in the morning to see the doctor. I am hoping it it a 24 hour thing and is for the most part over. But we will see. He has played and been fine for the most part. This evening around 5:30 he sat down in the living room and went to sleep. He has never done this. Then after he had a nap he went to bed tonight and went to sleep, no playing or talking or anything. I have an ear thermometer and he said it hurt when I checked his temperature tonight so I am wondering if he has an ear infection.

I am going to check on Andy and head to bed. I hope tonight is better than last night was.

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