Monday, May 11, 2009

It has been a long few days. I am still waiting for the shot I got on Thursday to kick in. In other words I still feel like crap. But the monkeys are doing good and that is the most important thing.
Sunday was a great day! The monkeys all told me Happy Mothers Day! They also told everyone else. We went to church. Holly & I both had 3 kid there. So we tied for the flower for the mom with the most kids. She let me have it. She said since I had mine all at the same time that I could have it. She is so sweet. After church we went to granny & pops. The Walker clan was there for 2nd Sunday lunch. We had a good time.
This morning the monkeys got up wanting to get in the pool. We got them one on Sat. They got in it for a little while on Sat. But it started thundering and they had to get out. So this morning it was all I heard. We want to get in the pool. Around 2 I gave up. I knew it was going to be cold out there and they would not listen to me. So into their bathing suits they go. Into the pool they go. Abbie sat down and played. They boys were so cold they would not even sit down. But they didn't want to get out. I think they were out there for about 30 mins. before I made them get out. It was enough that they were happy and didn't give me a hard time about getting out.
Tomorrow we have got to go get more pull ups. Abbie is doing REALLY good. She has not had an accident in over a week. Andy is starting to use the potty, kind of like Abbie did to start with. So MAYBE soon!!!! I am happy that they are trying!
Well I am going to work on the header for the blog. Have a good night everyone!

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