Sunday, May 31, 2009

Levi and I went to the ER this morning. After being sick since early Friday morning, we had both got to our breaking point. He has an intestinal virus. I think this is the same thing as the stomach flu. They said he was not dehydrated, which was what I had been the most worried about. But he has lost 6 lbs in the last 2 days. They gave him something for nausea so that he could eat and told me to let the diarrhea run its course. This is also getting old to both of us! Tonight we had to go to the funeral home and my mom & dad stayed with the monkeys. Levi cried for me until he went to sleep. Poor baby! We hurried back and he was sound asleep. He had got so tied and just went and got in his bed and gone to sleep. Anyone who knows these 3 will tell you Levi is the lest likely of the 3 to do that!
Saturday my mom came and got Abbie & Andy for the day. I am not sure if she was feeling sorry for me or them. But they had a blast! Levi got so rest while they were gone and I got some clothes washed. I think most of the day tomorrow will be take with washing clothes also!
I am going to get them out side some tomorrow. Daddy brought me a roll of paper and we are going to finger pain on the carport tomorrow! This should be fun (HA HA). But I think it will do them all some good to get out tomorrow. I think I am going to open some windows and spray everything down with Lysol while they are out side. Maybe stop this "stuff" from spreading to everyone, if it is not to late.
I think I am going to call it a night!

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