Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today I had made up my mind we were going to get out side some. Well we did, for about an hour. The monkeys played in the sand and trucks. Levi beat Andy over the head with his shovel (plastic). Andy was getting Levi's sand. The sand is in a big pile in the yard. I still don't know how they can tell if someone gets "their" sand! Then... the bottom fell out! Back onto the carport. They rode tricycles for awhile and then we came in and they watched a movie. After supper we went back out and Abbie rode her tricycle. The boys got out in the yard chasing each other around Mike's truck. They had a ball! I know that sounds like nothing. But they don't get turned loose out in the yard to often. Most of the time it is just me out there with them and there are 3 of them. And they know how to work it. One will keep you busy and the other 2 will be gone. After this happens a couple of times you get to where you don't give them to much freedom. But I am trying, tonight was a step in the right direction.
Monday I asked the monkeys what they wanted for lunch. I was thinking pizza or butter & jelly sandwich (peanut butter). But no they want lettuce, carrots, grapes, bananas, strawberries, apples, cucumbers and mandarin oranges. That worked for me! Here are some pictures. For some reason they wanted me to make their picture while they were eating.

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