Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 - 3 year olds!

Today I have found out first hand that you can not make 3 - 3 year olds happy! Nothing I have done today has been right, And to top that one off they have made sure to tell me about everything that I have done wrong, VERY loudly! Needless to say it has been a long day! I did escape and go to the grocery. But I had to come back. From what I was told when I got back they didn't cut Mike any slack while I was gone. This is all coming from being spoiled while sick... Well they are better, so we get back to normal! I hope that with in the week we are there. Please let it be sooner!
Like I said I had to go to the grocery. They wanted to get in the pool so I told them when I got back they could. Well, when I got back it was storming and they did not get to. Tonight about 6:00 they decided that it was a good time to get in the pool. OK But you have to clean up the living room. They cleaned up the living room, but when I went into their rooms this is what I found! It's their room, I try to pick my battles. If I can see the floor in the living room I am happy! I told them that after the rain we had the water was going to be cold and they were going to freeze. They didn't care, into the water they went. They were cold but they played for about an hour. I am hoping this will make them sleepy & tired and want to go to bed soon!
Now they are having goldfish & water and soon BED TIME! YEA!! Maybe tomorrow they will be in a better mood! Yea right...

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  1. wow i do not see how anyone could handle 3 toddlers, im doing good to handle my one lol, he is just now getting into the fitting stage ...