Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have been working to clean out the extra bedroom for Abbie to move in there. EVERYTHING and I mean everything that I move out of there I hear... Whats that? Is that mine? Let me see! I want that! I had to quit or go crazy after awhile today. They are looking forward to each having their own room. I hope they like them good enough to keep them half way picked up when I get them finished!
Here are the monkeys piled up on pops the other night!
The boys got hair cuts tonight. SHORT! Its so much easier to wash their hair like this! They hate it when I was their hair. They are so ticklish on their heads. You almost have to chase them in the bath to do it! Once again Abbie was made because I didn't cut hers like the boys. Andy seemed to really like his hair cut, he kept looking into anything he could see his self in. Abbie liked to rub their heads. They kept trying to get away from her! Levi was being a clown!
I am hoping to get Abbie's room finished in the next couple of weeks! I'll post pictures when I do! Then I get to start on Levi's!

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  1. Come help me clean and organize! I love the haircuts!