Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Boys Rooms Are Finished!

I got the boys rooms finished!!! Yea!!! All 3 are sleeping in their own room! So far it seems like they are sleeping better! I have a few touch ups to do but for the most part they are finished. Levi's is light, light, light green on 3 walls, almost white and 1 dark green wall. With all his stuff.
Here is one of my little men (Levi) sleeping! I am so glad they like having their own rooms!My other little man (Andy) sleeping! They look so sweet to have got into so much today! Andy's walls are very light blue. Then the book case & TV cabinet are dark blue. We had to get the green & blue in there! Here in my princess sleeping! How do you like that hair?!?
Everyone is doing really good going to the potty. We still have a few accidents here and there but I can deal with this over all the time any day! Today Levi came in the living room and said I peed in my paints. OK - strip and I will go clean it up. I got in his room and I could not find where he peed. I called Levi in there and asked where. I was not ready for the answer I got... in the toy box. I was almost afraid to look. Remember all the stuffed animal in previous post. Well last time I looked they were in said toy box. So I got my nerve up and looked. The toy box was empty except for a few play tools and a tool box. And he had hit the tool box. I am not sure if this was just my good fortune or if he was trying to pee in the tool box but at that point I did not care. I didn't have a bunch of toys that I had to clean up! Just as long as it does not happen again! But then I got to thinking... I missed a great opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuffed animals! Oh well.
Miss Abbie came in the kitchen with me today fussing about the rainbow being gone. I didn't know there was a rainbow. Well the reason she was so up set was she did not get to slide down the rainbow! But that it might as well be gone because daddy didn't have wings and could not carry her up there to slide down it! OK The more I tried to talk to her to tell her what a rainbow was, the madder she got. I finally just stood and listened. But I am thinking we are going to have to cut down on Dragon Tales. Just because they slide down rainbows does not mean Abbie can. Try telling a 3 year old that!
Abbie has also been mad at me since Sunday. She wants to go slide down the "soft" slide again. Any guesses on that? I am a little slow but I did figure out she was talking about Air Jump USA. So now she ask me several times a day when she can go slide down the "soft" slide! I am still thinking about this one.
I got out some books today for them to start trying to write their letters. Andy did really good. He was trying so hard. Abbie could not make up her mind which hand she wanted to hold the pencil in. Back & forth, but she did as good with one as the other. Levi wanted to draw (scribble). Not to interested in letters. I have 3 sets of books so I am hoping to do 2 or 3 letters a day and maybe by the time we get through all 3 books they will be doing pretty good!
I have got to go out first thing in the morning and clean their pool and get it to filling up with water. Dang weatherman said it was going to rain. I should have known better. It was not good today no more rain than we got, 2 days in a roll would really get me in trouble!
I am heading to bed - Night All!

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