Sunday, August 2, 2009

Founders Day

We got up Saturday morning and went to Bowdon for Founders Day. Well we almost didn't make it. Mike & I woke up at 8:30. The parade started at 10:00. So we had to hurry to get everyone dressed and to Bowdon and find a parking place. But we made it! I have become a major quick dresser! The monkeys loved the parade! And the candy that was tossed out! They have never had that much candy but they got suckers at the feed mill the other day and they remembered them.So they wanted "something with a stick in it"! Then we walked around town and looked at everything. The boys pitched a fit for blow up spider men. I mean a good one! We didn't get one while we were there but Mike ended up going back and got them one and Abbie a Scooby Doo! I think both of the Spider men have holes in them already!

That night mother came over and we loaded up the monkeys and went to see the fireworks. That was the first time they had been to see fireworks. Abbie sat there watching them and didn't say a word. The boys laughed, hollered and loved every minute of it. They were mad when it was over! We got home all 3 of them were sound asleep. Abbie & Levi woke up getting them in the house. But were back to sleep in minutes. Andy never woke up!

Today we went to the open house for the new school in Ranburne. And then ate supper at Jacks. I saw a friend from school, Vance. I have not seen him in forever. It is strange seeing him when it is time for our 25 reunion. I am seriously thinking about going to this. But I just checked and Mike has to work so I guess I can quit thinking about it. Oh well.

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  1. I don't usually comment on your blog entries, though I read them very often!! I enjoy reading about your adventures as a M.O.M.