Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vacation at Gulf Shores

We got back from the beach yesterday. We all had a really good time (excluding the trip home). We had been there a few hours and Levi wanted to know if we could stay down there and that be our new home. After that they called the motel room "home". The room we stayed in had 2 queen beds. The first night all 3 monkeys slept in the same bed. That left mike & I the other bed. The next night I slept with Abbie. That put Mike and the 2 boys in the other bed. The next night I was in the bed with Abbie & Andy. This did not last long. I was ready to go to sleep but Andy wanted to do anything he could come up with to stay awake. So I moved Levi over there, turned them all side ways in the bed and they went right to sleep. I should have done that the first night! We went to the zoo the first morning. Abbie was so excited.
They loved the monkeys at the zoo. They wanted to know if we could get one of these to carry home with us. I told them they were the only monkeys coming home with us.
Some of the animals they were not real sure about. We did not have to tell them not to get to close.
I am not sure what this thing was. But it sure was ugly!
The monkeys were amazed at the turtles. These things were about the size of a car tire.
Levi at the zoo.
Andy at the zoo. He had decided that he was ready to go "home".
Playing in the pool at the motel. This is Andy jumping in the pool.
This is Levi jumping in.
Abbie jumping in.

Playing on the beach. They LOVED the big sand pile. I think they tried to bring it home with them in their clothes.
Mike & the monkeys on the beach.
We went to the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL. The monkeys enjoyed looking at all the planes abut they really liked things they could mess with. They thought this huge anchor was a jungle gym.
Levi Andy & Abbie
Levi, Abbie & Andy
Abbie, Levi & Andy
Abbie, Andy & top of Levi's head.
Abbie, Levi & Andy
Andy & Levi
Abbie like the little play ground better than the air planes.
That is the high lights from our vacation. I really didn't get to make a lot of pictures because they were always ready to move on to the next thing. So they were not happy when I tried to get them to stand still for a picture.
It was nice to get away for a few days, but I think we were all glad to be home. The monkeys slept late this morning so I think they were glad to be back in their own beds.
It took is about 6 hours to get down there. It was not to bad except Abbie decided we had gone past the beach and wanted us to turn around and go back. BUT coming home... It took us almost 8 & 1/2 hours to get home. We had to stop some where around 10 times for them to go potty. And this some times took 20 or 30 mins. And I am NOT kidding! It was really getting old but what do you do. Take the chance that they really don't have to?
Abbie got up this morning wanting to know if we were going back to the beach today. Nope not today. As a matter a fact it could be a few years before I ride that far with them at one time again!

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  1. The "ugly" animal is called a Capybara. It's the World's Largest Rodent! Just looks like an oversized guinea pig to me. Anyway, the pics turned out GREAT! HAPPY Birthday MONKEYS!