Saturday, October 24, 2009


Last night when Mike got home they (Abbie to start with) decided that he was a horsey. He didn't seem to think it was as good an idea as they did. But they had a good time! Here is Abbie and her horse.
Abbie & Andy waiting for another horsey ride.

Levi & the horsey

Andy and the horsey
All 3 messing with daddy. He had just got home from work.

I try to carry them every year to get pictures made before their birthday. Well money is tight this year. I mean at least $100 for pictures, don't think so. We did the pictures in the living room yesterday. I think they are pretty good. I went to WM and got 1 8x10, 3 5x7, 12 3x2-1/2 & 20 2x3 pictures for $20.36. This worked for me and I like that they were not to posed for the picture. I did have to stop the fighting several times and even go as far as to tell them that if they didn't let me get a good picture for their party invitation then there would be no party! This worked really well. So here are the pictures



I LOVE this one! They can be so sweet to each other to be so mean to each other most of the time! Levi & Andy
This is the one I got the 8x10 & all of. I think it turned out really well. Look at the grin on Levi's face! Like I said my babies are not babies any more!
Andy, Abbie & Levi

Last night after the monkeys were in bed I saw a mouse run across my utility room. Not good! I HATE mice. So today everything and I mean everything or at least as much as I can get done today is getting a good going over. I can't stand having a mouse in the house! It has to go! I told Mike last night that if I saw it again I was getting a cat. He said no way. Well my thinking is he is really not here that much and he would never know it. Works for me!
So I am heading for a shower and the starting in the utility room and going from there. I know a shower before cleaning does not make a lot of sense but I am hoping to feel sort of human again. This cold/allergies what ever is really kicking my but. Almost 2 weeks of it now. I need some sleep in a laying down position! Sitting up and sleeping does not seem to be getting it! So if not better by Monday I guess I will be going to the doctor. Oh well I held out as long as I could.

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