Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yea, I know, behind again.

I am not really sure where to start so I will just jump in. Nothing will be in the right order, but that is pretty much a reflection of my life.

But before I do that I want to whine for a minute. My "babies" will be 4 in 20 days! NO NO NO they are still babies, they can't be turning 4 already! They are so excited about being 4. But when I stop and really get to thinking about it I cry. It has gone by so fast! There is so much from their first year that I don't even remember! Between the lack off sleep, going back to work and there being 3 of them at one time I feel like we missed so much! Don't get me wrong, I am so proud of them. They are smart, healthy little monkeys! Some times they are way to smart for my good! Oh well, they will ALWAYS be my 'babies" even if they don't think they are!

I carried Abbie back to get her stitches out. I told her what they would do and that it would not hurt but she would have to be really still because it was close to her eye. She was not real happy about going to get this done. So we get to the ER and they were just going to take them outwith her sitting in a chair at the nurses desk. Well... bad idea. She screamed like something dying! They had to put her in a room, on a bed and we had to hold her down. They got them out, she got up latched around my neck for a few seconds and then raised up and giggled and said that tickled. I asked her why she screamed like that if it didn't hurt and she told me "Abbie wanted to". It looks really good and I am hoping it fades and you won't be able to see it before long. I got some Merdima to put on it. That stuff is expensive! $14 for a little tube! I was reading the paper with it and it said it works on stretch marks! I thought about trying it, but I would have to take out a loan to get enough of it to get rid of the ones I now have! (Thanks monkeys!)

Before we went to get Abbie's stitches out all 3 monkeys had a dentist appointment. Abbie did great! They came out to get her and she was just a grinning. Andy did great, he got mad because they did not come after him at the same time they did Abbie! Then... Levi... Nope he was not going back there! So after taking to him for a few minutes he decided he would go back there. Then he would not let them put the little drape around his neck. Then he would not open his mouth. He would not let her use "mister thirsty". When she went to polish his teeth, he told her "My mommy told me I didn't have to do that". (I did not!) She ended up polishing his teeth with water, he spit in a cup. But they said all their teeth look really good! I am so glad, I was wondering what they would be like this time. They are getting to where they want to brush their teeth half the time now and I worry they are not doing a good job. But I guess they are doing better than I thought!

We went to the Anniston Museum of Natural History a few days ago. They had a live reptile exhibit. Snakes, turtles, alligators and such. They love going out there, and for 20 more day it is free for them to get in. Another draw back of them turning 4! We were looking at the snakes in the exhibit. I saw one that looked like the one Levi & I encountered the other day. I called Levi over and told him to look at that one and he said "Momma, that is the snake we saw the other day!" and I thought so to. So it was a rat snake we saw the other day. I am so glad! If we have to have a snake in the front door I would rather it was a king, rat or chicken snake. But since they don't wear crowns or have a rat or chicken in their mouth it makes it really hard for me to no think they are either a copper head or rattle snake!

Today we went to Heflin to see Aunt Annice. She has been sick and it was good to see she is getting better. I will be glad when she is back to her normal self! But the kids had a good time at her house. And I enjoyed getting out for awhile! It was good to see Aunt Annice, Uncle Benny & Aunt Becky!

Lori , Jackson & Alyssa were at Aunt Annice's also. But we saw them the other night. They came for supper. The kids played and had a ball! Lori got in some much needed adult talking. Not that we had anything to talk about, but it sure was nice to talk to some one over the age of 3!
I was sitting in here watching Alyssa and I decided she looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll! She has a round little face, chubby little cheeks and a little button nose! She is so cute!

The rain is supposed to be back tomorrow. I am going to check the weather, maybe we can get in some time in the yard before it starts! Me & the monkeys are so tired of the rain, but I will maybe get caught up on the rest of the laundry that needs to be done!

OK - Bed time - Night All!

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