Monday, November 23, 2009

Sick Monkeys

Thursday morning they got up and Andy had a fever. It was 103.6. I gave him medicine and got it to coming down and checked everyone else again. Levi is fine but Abbie's is 102.8. So I give her medicine. Got her fever down. This went on all day. They did nothing but lay around all day. I looked at their throat before they went to bed. The back of Andy's mouth looked terrible. All splotchy. So I am thinking strep, going to the doctor tomorrow. Got up Thursday morning, They both have fevers so I call and make them an appointment. Get up there and they check them for strep. Nope they don't have it. They check them for the flu. Nope they don't have it. So she tell me it is a virus. That it will have to run it's course. Keep doing what I am doing. So we come back home. Don't get me wrong, I am glad it was noting more than a virus, but I sure wish I had of waited to carry them. It was $80.00 to be told to keep doing what I was doing. The next morning their fever was in the low 99's. So we got out side for a while. It was so nice out there. They helped me put up the Christmas decorations outside. They had a ball. We had been out there a while and I noticed Levi was sitting on the carport watching us. I asked him if he was OK. "Yep, just watching". OK I finish up out there and go over and check on him. He is burning up. Checked his temperature, it was 103.4. So in we go. Gave him medicine. Now he is laying around the rest of the day. Got up this morning and his fever is anywhere between 99 to 100.6. I have not gave him any medicine. If it does not get any higher than this I will let it go. He has been fine, playing and fighting all day, just like normal.
Now Andy... He is about to drive me crazy! I hope it is a stage he is going through and it will be over with SOON! Whining! About everything! Fussing with me about everything. He has no idea of what the word NO means. Or at least he does not at like he does! For some reason this gets worse when his daddy is home. I love it when Mike is home, but... It is so much harder to deal with the boys when he is here. It is like they go wild. It took me forever to get them into the bed after he left tonight. But they are asleep now! Have been for awhile now! Thank God!
So now I am looking for Abbie's doll house for part of her Christmas. I also am checking on e-bay for v-smile games. If anyone has any on the v-smile games they want to get rid of please let me know! I am thinking they will be good stocking suffers. But those suckers are about $20.00 each at WM. I have ordered them on e-bay for around $9 each. Now I have to find the boys something else for Christmas and I am finished with theirs!
But right now I am heading to bed! Night All!

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