Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

Well the monkeys got to go trick or treating. They have been wanting to go for the last couple of months. Now that that is over, they have their batman costumes to play with. I think this is what they were wanting all along. I am so tired of batman! I told them that they were going to go missing. They have had these things on everyday/night since Halloween! They got mad at me Sunday morning because I would not let them wear them to church! On top of that we now have a huge amount of candy. They get a couple of pieces of it a day. At this rate it could take a year or so to get rid of it. I think some of it may start making it's way to the trash. For some reason Andy & Levi were all hugged up for the picture I made of them. I think, nope can't tell them apart, Andy is on the left and Levi is on the right. And I am not sure what this look is Abbie has on her face. But she is Tinker Bell. I am still having trouble with the fact that my monkeys are going to be 4 this birthday. I was looking at their birthday pictures for the last 3 years today! I know that I they are mine and I really don't have an unbiased opinion but they sure are beautiful monkeys!
This is their first birthday pictures.This is their second year birthday. I carried them to get pictures made and you should have seen the fit that Levi pitched. So the only pictures I got this year were made at home.
This was their 3rd birthday pictures.
Money is tight this year so I made these at home. Here is the invitation for their 4th birthday party. This is also their birthday pictures for this year. Money is tight so I made these at home this year. But I think they came out pretty good.

We made it through the crawling,
The bawling and brawling.
We’ve tackled the cuts, the scrapes
And the bruises from falling.
Through the tears, the laughter and giggles galore!
Watch out everyone,
Andy, Abbie & Levi are turning 4!

Please come
Help us celebrate our
4th birthday!

Date: Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time: 2:00 Central 3:00 Eastern

Place: Senior Center, Bowdon GA

Phone Number: 256-748-****

I am mailing out some invitations this week, I am not sure I got everyone. If I missed you, sorry, but please come! The monkeys are now super excited about their birthday. It is a nice change from Halloween.

I had some excitement today. Mike and I carried the monkeys into the edge of the woods in the back yard to look for deer tracks. I had been seeing them in the edge of the woods on the side of the yard so I walked over there to see if I saw any tracks over there. Mike was talking about there being Armadillo holes all over the place and I stoped to tell him there was one up there. I felt something hit the side of my foot and looked down. There was a small snake all drawn back to strike my foot... again. I backed up, screaming for Mike to get the kids back on the carport and to get me a gum. I stood there and watched this snake while I was waiting on Mike to get the gun. The monkeys were screaming for me and crying. Finally Mike came up there with the pistol. I said give me the gun. So I shot that snake twice. About that time there was movement a few inches over and it was another one! So I shot it also. Mike got me a bucket and a stick and I got the snake up to show the monkeys. I know the little ones are just as poisonous as the big ones, but their mouths are not as big! That little things mouth was not big enough to open wide enough to bite my foot. Thank God! After I got back to the carport and showed the snake to the monkeys and calmed them down some more I looked at my foot. I don't think I had even looked at it until then. Here is a picture of the snake. Mike says it is a little rattler. So we must be raising them in the edge of the yard! I asked Mike if I could go to a pet store and get some king snakes to turn loose in the yard! I think it would help my feelings! Levi said yea momma, king snakes are good snakes. I told him yea, they were good snakes but if it didn't have a crown on its head he was to assume it was a bad snake. Needless to say I will not be going out into the back yard until winter sets in!

I am heading to bed now, I hope I don't dream of snakes!
I forgot this - Mike told me he learned 2 things today.
1 - snakes are still crawling
2 - he does not want me shooting at him
I thought I did pretty good. I have not even held a gun in my hands for 4 almost 5 years. I shot 5 times and I hit the first one 2 times and the second one 3 times. Considering how bad I was shaking this was really good!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Wish we could have come!!!!!