Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We did. The monkeys had a ball! We stayed home Christmas Eve and made cookies. Mike had to work so it was a lonely day for me but the monkeys kept me busy! Then Christmas Day Santa came to see the monkeys. Then that evening Mama & Daddy, Alan, Cheryl, Emily & Jonathan came over and we exchanged gifts.
The Day after Christmas we had Christmas with the Walker family. And the next day with the Robinson's. So we had a busy few day. If you consider we might go somewhere one day a week we really did have a busy few days. We have paid for it. The kids have been so ill. They did not sleep good over Christmas, to much going on! So now we are trying to get everything back to normal! But now Levi is sick, so maybe we will get back to normal in a few days.Here is our Christmas tree after Santa had been. Santa left them each 1 gift. But 95% of what is under the tree is theirs also. So they did not go with out and they had a ball opening gifts! Santa ate the cookies & drank the milk but he did not clean up after his self. Left his plate in the living room! I just noticed he didn't even use a coaster! I am going to have to get on to "Santa"!

Miss Abbie

Levi & Pops.

These pictures are from Christmas with the Walkers.
Minnie Lee & David




Uncle Ronny

Uncle Benny, he has a thing about getting his picture made. I have so many pictures of his hand.


Uncle Benny

Lori, Abbie, Cheryl & Becky

Levi & Andy getting under the tree and mama.

Lori (Worm) & Alyssa




These pictures are from the Robinson Christmas.

Tammy - Judy in the back ground




Emily, Abbie, Andy & Jonathan. Levi is at the very bottom of the picture leaning back to look at me so I didn't get much of him in the picture!

Obbie Jean, Joyce & Megan


Dale, Mike, Walter & Daddy

Jerry, Dale & Mike

Edward & Tony

I had thought I got pictures of everybody but now looking at my pictures I know I didn't. Sorry if I missed you, I didn't mean to! I will try to do better next time!

Here is my sick baby! This is night 2 of this. He has an ear infection and a sinus infection. He is 4 years old and taking his first antibiotics. I sure hope they work soon! Last night his fever would go up to 103.6 and then I would get it down and he would have chills for a couple of hours and then it would go right back up. It was a very long night! I am hoping we both get more rest tonight than we did last night!
Good Night everyone! I am going to go check on Levi and if all is well I am heading to bed!

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