Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Its been a LONG LONG week

We had a really good Thanksgiving. The monkeys had a ball with all the company and attention! If I had felt better that would have been a plus, but anyway. After lunch momma, me & the monkeys went to Tallapoosa to the Christmas open house. We had a good time walking around looking until Levi had an accident. Well I am not sure it was an accident, he never told us he had to go. For some reason he does this every time we go to Tallapoosa. Maybe he just does not like being up there. Oh well, I have now put extra clothes and shoes in the van. It is getting old having to go buy clothes when this happens. But it had better stop happening!

Abbie had to go to the doctor yesterday for her check up. The doctor seemed to be really happy with everything. They are going to do a few test just for precautions. She drinks water like a fish. Just want to make sure that it is just one of those things and not anything to worry about. So they want a urine sample. The problem with this is that we are talking about Abbie. The little one who walks into a bathroom, looks around and if she does not like what she sees, she will say "I not use dis potty". And she will not, she will hold it for hours if she has to. So we had to bring it home with us. So in the morning I have to get her to pee in a cup. And she does not want to. Oh what fun to start the day off with.

After I get Abbie to pee in the cup then Andy has to go for his check up. If he is like Abbie it will go OK until he finds out he has to get 2 shots. They wanted to give them 4 but I was not going for that. They will check his hearing, this should be interesting. They have already developed that male pattern hearing. You know what I mean... They only hear what they want to. After they check their hearing I will know for sure that is what it is.
Well I have decided that if I am not feeling much much better by Monday I will be going to the doctor. That will be 3 weeks of feeling like crap. That is enough. I will feel better for a day and then it is right back. Getting Old!
Here are some of the pictures I made for the Christmas cards. I think some of them came out OK.
Have a good night!

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  1. Nice jammies! Hope the peeing in a cup goes well, but I suspect with as much trouble as I have hitting a cup for my own samples that it will not go much better trying to catch someone else's. Oh the things parenthood makes us go through.