Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am getting the house cleaned up. Friday morning when I woke up, I looked up at the wall above my bed and there were cob webs every where! Yuck! I guess that is to be expected when all you do in there is sleep and never really go in there except in the dark. But YUCK! So Friday I put the gate up and spent about 3 or 4 hours in there washing down the walls, moving what I could and vacuuming, cleaning the windows and dusting. It looks so much better. Then I got to looking really good at my bathroom. Another YUCK! So I have been in there since granny got the monkeys. So for the last 4 hours I have been washing the walls, cleaning the counters, Washing everything on the walls, cleaned out the heater and washing the mats and curtains. I still have to wash the tub and stuff. But it looks so much better already. Then I need to get in to the closet and clean it up. There is a pile of clothes in the corner that I am not sure what all is in it. I am so glad that I am getting this done. I can't stand it, I guess that is why I haven't really noticed it till now.

We went to the tax office Wed. Next year I am not going to wait so long about doing that. It sure helped my feelings a lot!

The monkeys have really enjoyed getting out. Even if it was to the tax office. Mike says Abbie has to see her public. I have called her princess Abbie so much she thinks that is her name! But that is OK! That just means I am the queen!! HA HA!

I just looked at the weather. I am not sure if it is good or bad. NOAA says we will be getting around 3 inches of snow tomorrow. I can handle that as long as my monkeys get back home. I love to have some time with out them to get some things done, BUT I miss them so bad while they are gone. I don't think they miss me that much, I mean they have granny & pops, They get out and walk, they ride on the golf cart, they have their undivided attention! They are very spoiled! When they get home tomorrow, I won't be able to stand them until Monday. They will be so ill. But daddy will be here Monday so that (maybe) will help their mood.

Tuesday we are planning to either go to the Little White House or Callaway Gardens. I am not sure which one. Anybody have any suggestions. I have never been to Callaway Gardens so I don't know what there is this time of year down there. I am not sure which one they would like the best. But like I said before they just like to go. I think they get that from their great-granny Walker. She didn't really care where you where going, she just liked to go!

OK, I am heading back to the bathroom again. I'll let you know if we really get any snow tomorrow. I will try to get monkey pictures if we do! They have been wanting it to snow all winter, so I hope for them it does.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today has been "one of those days!" It has been a gray dreary day and every ones mood has been about the same. The monkeys have been so ill. I have washed clothes, cleaned out the cabinets in the kitchen, anything I could come up to do to stay out of their way. I know that sounds terrible but if I was in the room with them, one of them would want me told hold them. Well that is well and good, but if you hold one of them the others want you to hold them also. But the one who got up there first would go ballistic because they didn't want you to hold the other 2. So it was just easier to stay out of their way. But I did get some of my kitchen cabinets cleaned out!

Tonight Aunt Annice & Uncle Benny came to see us. It was like someone flipped a switch. The monkeys were like different kids. They were in a fairly good mood. Aunt Annice brought Abbie some dresses. Yea, she now has an Easter dress. And the boys a couple set of shorts & shirts. We are getting some shorts, shirts and dresses for this summer. Thanks to Aunt Annice & Aunt Judy! Also I will be going to a few consignment sales next month. Most of the monkeys clothes come from consignment sales. I am not sure what we would do if not for them.

Tomorrow we are going to get out of the house for awhile. We are going to go get our taxes filled out. I am not sure why I haven't gone already. I don't think I have got used to getting anything back. For 14 years if we didn't have to pay an arm & leg we thought we were doing good. We went from a couple with 2 incomes to a couple with 3 kids and 1 income. That really hurts. I still have not got used to having to tell Mike when I need some money. I HATE having to ask for money. Having worked for 26 years, having my money, this is taking some getting used to. But I am hoping that we will be getting a good bit back. It will help us get through another year.

The monkeys going to bed at 8:00 is working out really well. The only problem I have right now is if they keep going to bed a 8:00 they won't get to see their daddy for the next 4 days. So I may be letting them stay up till around 9:00. They have got to where I put them in the bed and they lay down and go to sleep! Makes me wonder where my monkeys are! They have not laid down and gone to sleep like that since they have got out of baby beds! But it sure is nice!

Speaking of going to bed, that's where I am headed! Good Night!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It has been a quite few days. Not much happening, no ER trips, no tornado warnings so all is well. We got out side for a while today. I was starting to think they were not going to want to go out. This morning I pulled out the Lego. I am not talking about a few Lego I am talking about a X-large clothes basket full of Lego. They have had a ball. They are making choo choo trains with it. Uncle Alan brought a big bag to go with what we got from Cynthia last year and what they got for Christmas. There are all kinds of animals mixed in with them. So we must be making circus trains.
I have been working on our swing for several weeks. I have got all the old paint off it and sanded it and today I got the first coat of paint on it. It looks so much better. I can't wait to get it put up on the porch. I also got the leaves raked out of my flower (weed) bed. I started this flower bed when we moved in 2004. Well nothing much has been done to it since then. But this year the monkeys are big enough that they can play in the fenced in yard while I work on the flower beds. I am going to finish moving the monkey grass, and paint the block work under the house. Then I want something around the front of the house. There has nothing been done around here, it is driving me crazy. I want it to look like someone lives here. I don't think I can handle anyone else st oping to see if we have any opening in our daycare!!! Oh and I got all the leaves burned today. There was so many of them it would have taken forever to have hauled them all out of the yard. So, since there was no grass where I had raked them I just burned them there. So now one trip with the wheelbarrow and I can clean the left overs up. So much easier.

I got my ticket for the aquarium today. Now we just have to decide on what day we will be going. We are going to be meeting 2 other triplet moms up there. So it will be 3 moms & 9 kids (3 sets of triplets). That should be a sight to see. The monkeys are the oldest. Levi & Andy will be in hog heaven. They LOVE babies. Abbie on the other hand could care less. But I am looking forward to it.

Well I think I am going to see what is on TV other than Sprout.