Thursday, March 5, 2009

The monkeys have enjoyed the last couple of days. They have been outside the biggest part of the day. Mike got more sand for them yesterday. They have built castles, loaded dump trucks and threw sand at each other. They LOVE sand! I am not that fond of it, so they have to strip on the porch before they come into the house. The fact that it is not really that warm helps to get them into the house once they are stripped down. They had an hooded sweat shirts yesterday and for some reason they think the hood part is for sand to be carried around in. Another reason to strip before coming into the house. That didn't help a lot today though. I went to change Andy's diaper and sand went every where. But they have enjoyed it so I can vacuum.

I have finished painting the swing. Now I just have to get it hung up. I think that will happen Sat. Momma is going to keep the monkeys part of the day. So I need to go through their clothes for the consignment sale. Put the swing up. They have been wanting to swing in it since I started working on it, so they will be glad that it is up. I have been working on my flower bed. Abbie wants to know where the flowers are. She is ready to pick them!

Tomorrow we will be back out side all day. I am enjoying it as much as the monkeys. I want to move some monkey grass. And a lot of other things that have not got done since we moved.

Well the monkeys are asleep, YEA! It's only 9:15! That is a lot better than 10:00 or 10:30. I an dreading the time change. That always throws them for a loop. I wish they would just leave it alone. I think they do it just to mess with peoples minds. I know it sure messes with mine.

Have a good night!

Monday, March 2, 2009

OK - We have decided that we will not be going any where tomorrow. It is to cold! The 2 things that we wanted to do we will be out side a lot. So we are going to wait until June and go to Callaway Gardens. The Florida State University (FSU) "Flying High" Circus will be there and I think the monkeys will enjoy this. I might really be screwing up tacking them to see such as this. They come up with enough all by their selves.
Today Mike carried the boys with him to the saw shop. They had a ball. They crawled all the lawn mowers they had there and had daddy all to their selves. Abbie and I went to the groc. store. Yea. It seems like Abbie and I got the short end of that deal. But I got the stuff to make her some hair bows. I made her one for Easter. It is so cute. I have got to get on line and see if I can find some instructions for different things to do. She love to wear bows in her hair. At least she is like a little girl that way. She would rather play with the boys toys that hers most of the time. Except for her honys (My Little Pony). She loves her honys. She was arguing with my daddy tonight over her honys. He told her he was going to take them home with him and that did not go over good.
Abbie and I got out and picked flowers today. After the snow the only thing there was was butter cups. But that made her happy. I sure hope that we get some things planted this spring. I am ready for spring. At one time I loved winter... not any more. You can only stay inside with 3 3 year olds for so long. Abbie is still asking to go to the park. I sure hope it warms up soon. They love getting out and playing in the sand & dirt. On their swings, with their cars and things.
Come on spring!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well it snowed. Yea... I think it would have been a lot better if there had not been 2 inches of mud from the 4 inches of rain yesterday. So the monkeys start not long after they got home this morning. We want to go play in the snow. I don't think they had any idea of how cold snow was. But I got them bundled up and out we go. They have never been out in the snow before and Abbie does not have her snow legs yet. She would take a step and fall. Take another step or 2 and fall. Plus for some reason the snow was sticking to the bottom of her shoes. So she was trying to walk on 2 inches of snow stuck to the bottom of her shoes.
They walked around awhile and stuck their hands in the snow, decided it was to cold to build a snowman. (There wasn't that much snow) So we stayed out there about 30 mins. OK time to go in. Abbie beats a path to the door. Levi and Andy found one of the many mud puddles. This is not good. I get Levi in the house and Andy starts running, stopping at every mud puddle long enough to splash some of it on him. He fail down and I caught him. Those 2 little fellers are fast.
The power blinked off I think 5 times today. I sure am glad it didn't go off. I really didn't want to cook on the grill in this mess.

Abbie asked tonight if they could got to the park (playground). When I told her that we would have to wait until it was a good bit dryer than it was right now. I'm with her, I'll be glad when they can get out side and bur up some energy.

They were so tired tonight. They didn't move after we got them in the bed.

Here are some monkey pictures.