Saturday, March 14, 2009

We went to the doctor yesterday. They did more x-rays and it is still really swollen around his bone. The doctor showed this to me and told me that when they see this in a child his age that it is a good indicator that there is a brake or fracture. So he now has a blue cast. They took the splint off and did x-rays. After that he sat there in pain for about an hour. When they finally got in there to put a cast on it I think he would have let them put pink on it if it would just quit hurting. I felt so bad, but there was nothing I could do. I had already stopped to nurses and asked if they could speed up the process some. I know they could hear him. Vanessa was several rooms away and she heard him and knew it was us. Now we have to go back in 10 days for more x-rays and a new cast. I am not going to tell him about that until the day before. I hope it won't be hurting him as bad by then.
Not much going on here. The monkeys had trashed the house by tonight. It has been raining and we can't get out. I got the living room cleaned and vacuumed before they went to bed. Tomorrow I am going to get their rooms. I dread that, they are pretty trashed.

They just called and told Mike he has to work tomorrow. I know we need the money, but I was sure looking forward to him being home. Oh well, I guess I will survive. I hope the monkeys for get that he was supposed to be home.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today has been a long day.

Levi had a dentist appointment today at 11:00. We don't start to function around here until 9 or 9:30. So breakfast at 9:15 today. The the phone starts ringing. Aunt Cindy is in the hospital. So I am trying to see how she is doing and call Mike to let him know she is sick. And then it is 10:15. I need to be leaving by 11. So I have to get it in gear. Pops came to stay with Abbie & Andy. And we made it to the dentist right at his appointment time. He goes back there by his self. Hey, he's doing good... I thought this to soon. The screaming starts about 5 Min's after he goes back. So I have to go back there. He will not open his mouth, he won't even look at them. So she gets to count his teeth with his jaws clenched. YEA - I knew it was to good to hope that he would do this. So Abbie has the next appointment. I am going to take the whole gang. Andy didn't have any problem going. I think he kind of enjoyed it. So maybe he can show Abbie the ropes, so to speak. And Levi will see that it is no big deal. I hope!

After the dentist we came home and got Abbie & Andy and went to a consignment sale in Coldwater. Then we went back to Carrollton to see Cindy. Then we came home. I drove over 150 miles today. No wonder I am tired. Well today Abbie asked the most hated question by parents when going some where with their kids..."ARE WE THERE YET?" I have not been looking forward to this. Maybe the boys didn't hear her and it was a one time thing - ya think? I also think she has been on the interstate with me to much. Right after we got on she says "Mama, look at that idiot". Oh no - well I guess it could be worse.

Tomorrow Andy has an appointment to go see if his arm is broke. I hope not! But tonight I was telling him if it was, he would get to pick out the color of his cast. Well he chose... are you ready for this...SPIDER MAN. What color do you think that might be? I said, no I mean like red, yellow, blue, green or orange. He looks at me and says "I WANT SPIDER MAN ON MY CAST." Ok, not my problem, I'll let the doctor or nurse or who ever cross that one when they get there. I guess I could take this picture for them to at least know what he wants it to look like!

Granny is going with us to the aquarium. We are going next Tues. The monkeys are going to love it. I hope that they act better here than they did in town last Sat. We might just have to go home if they don't do any better.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DR COLEMAN IS BACK!!!!!! I guess you can tell I am excited! I was getting ready to change to a different pediatric practice and now I don't have to go through that. Lori carried Alissa to her today and she liked her. Then she called to let me know she is back. YEA!!!!!

Andy is going to see Dr Hubbard on Friday. So we will find out what is going on with his arm then. I hope it is not broke and that it is better by then. I hope. I have been giving him pain meds and he slept all night last night. He has been up playing this morning. I have been trying to find things for them to do in the house. I don't want to have to try to keep him out of the sand out side. Playing in the sand is their favorite thing to do out there. If it is broke I will just have to deal with that when we find out.
They played with puzzles all morning and I just got the logo's out. That should be enough to keep them busy the rest of the day.

Levi has a dentist appointment tomorrow. I hope that he does as good as Andy did at his.

Well I am making Abbie some new hair bows, like she doesn't have any. But like I have said I am trying to make a little girl out of her!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today was another really nice day. The monkeys played out in the yard for several hours. I worked on my flower bed, raked leaves and did some other things in the yard that just have not been done in the last few years. Around 2:00 we came inside and I got the monkeys some lunch. I started washing clothes and was planning to clean up their rooms.
About 3:30 or 4:00 I went to the bathroom and like normal something happened. I normally rush out to see what is going on, but no, not today. I waited to see if the screaming would stop. Nope, it didn't. I got in there and Andy is still screaming, and I mean screaming. This is not the normal Andy. I asked him what happened. "Levi jumped on me." OK Where did Levi jump on you? The only answer I got was him looking down at his arm, which was hanging limp at his side. OK This is not good. He wanted to lay down on the couch. So I put him on the couch, then he wanted his cover. Got it, then I noticed he was sweating. Not a lot but he was. So I made a phone call, How do you know if they have a broke arm? He could move his fingers and his arm, some. When I got back in the living room after making this call and he was still on the couch just like I left him, it was time to go to the doctor. We had to find pops or I was going to have to take everybody with me. Well granny found pops and I changed clothes. Once again, no bath, no make up but I did have on clean clothes and brush my teeth. Off we go to the doctor. I called them on the way. They don't do cast. Go to the ER. OK. We get to the ER and granny is there waiting on us. After she sees Andy she agrees with me that something is wrong.They do x-rays and we wait. The doctor comes in and tells us that he can't tell if there is a fracture(to much swelling), his elbow, but he thinks that there is and he is going to treat it that way. So he got a splint, not sure what it is really called. We have to go to a orthopedic doctor in 2 to 3 days. They gave him some Motrin and in about 15 mins. he was fine. So I am stocked on Motrin & Tylenol. I want to keep that good mood. The whole time after it happened until the Motrin kicked in he was saying "ouchie, ouchie, ouchie". He would also tell me that it hurt to make it go away.

When we were walking out of the ER he looked at me and says "Get this thing off my arm!" It took talking to him about half the way home but he is leaving it alone now. So Andy has now been to the ER 2 time in less than a month. I am just hoping that tomorrow is a quieter, calmer day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We went to town with granny today. We found her a dress and pops a sports coat, so now they are set. Well except for shoe, but they can work on that. The monkeys did OK, for most of the day. We had been to the mall, ate lunch and gone to Martin's when Andy & Levi decided to show their selves. They started running wanting us (granny) to chase them. Levi came back, Andy didn't. He hid in a rack of clothes. At Martin's there are lots of racks. So many it is hard to walk between them some times. So I am walking around calling Andy and of coarse he is not answering me. I happened to see some clothes moving. I wish I had thought to get some one else to get him out. Some one he didn't know. Maybe it would have scared him bad enough that he would not do this again, but I didn't. But he was scared. After we got home they went with granny to get pops. While they were gone I got to thinking about it. They never do this when it is just me. (or they never have) But when Mike or granny go with us it seems like a battle (game to them). I think I have figured it out. I don't chase them. I say "Well, Bye" and walk off. They are right there with me in a few steps. Mike and granny go after them. I can't run after one dragging the other 2, it just does not work. So I told Mike & granny tonight NO more chasing them. But I also told the boys they would have to earn being able to walk again. So I am not going to sell the choo choo. They will go back to riding in it. I will go out in the morning and clean it up and put it back in the van. I think the icing on the cake will be that Abbie can either walk or ride, her call, but she does not run off. Oh well we shall see what happens when I carry them some where by my self.

I hate the time change! It is 11:00 and they have just gone to sleep.I don't know how they know anything is different. We really don't do anything on a strict schedule any more. But they know and it is not good.

Tonight after they went to bed I kept hearing giggling. I went to see what they were doing and all 3 of them were in Abbie's bed. They were playing with her Barbie game. They were so cute.
But tomorrow night we have got to be in bed by 9:00 at the latest. I am not sure if it will be dark by then, I sure hope so.
Granny came and got the monkeys this morning. They played out side, rode the golf cart, got to see their cousins Emily & Jonathan (John John) and had a picnic! They were so tired and dirty tonight. We are planning to go with granny to look for a dress tomorrow so I put off baths until in the morning. I don't think it would have been worth the fight tonight. They love to take a bath, but the all want to go first. So that is when the fighting starts.

Abbie is getting a tan already! She is going to be so brown by the end of summer. Tonight when I was changing her clothes I noticed her "farmers" tan already. Maybe it will be warm enough soon she can wear something sleeveless.

I went through their closets getting out all the summer clothes that will be to small for them this year. Poor Abbie has hardly anything left in there. Most of her summer clothes were 3T's. That is just not going to get it this year. So I guess I will be getting 4's & 5's. They are getting to big to fast! I try to buy things are the end of summer/winter for next year, but they don't have a lot for little girls left over. Now the boys, they have a good bit of stuff. I think I get more for them because there are 2 of them. So I am looking forward to the consignment sale, mostly to get Abbie some stuff.

I think I am going to sale their choo choo wagon at the consignment sale. It will be the last of the stroller/wagon type things we have. Most of the time now when we go some where they walk. Like I said they are getting to big to fast. But step 2 has quit making them and I am not sure what kind of price to put on it. I am not even sure their will be anyone who would want it in Carrollton. But I am going to try and sell it.

We have got to get another bar stool for the kitchen. They have discovered they can sit there and eat, watch me cook, or just sit there and talk (and talk and talk) while I clean up the kitchen. I looked at WM the other day but they don't carry bar stools. I would love to get another one like we have but it is just not in the budget. So I guess when I run up on one at the dollar store I will get it. It will be nice for all 3 of them to have a seat and not be fighting over the 2 we have!

Today I was looking for any clothes that might have got put into the storage building that I could sell. While I was looking I found the toys that I had here for Emily and Jonathan. They have been out there for some where around 5 or 6 years or longer. The monkeys thought they had new toys when they got home. They were so funny. I also ran up on a couple of my dolls out there. I got those out for Abbie. I am still trying to make a little girl out of her! She played with the dolls for a while and then got into the boys tools. She played with them more than the boys did. BUT I am not giving up!!!! I think I will put a dress on her tomorrow.

Well the monkeys are in bed and I think I will be heading that way also!