Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter! We are going to church tomorrow, not sunrise services! The only way I could pull that one off is if we all went in our pj's, and then I am not sure we would make it. After church we are going to eat at Mike's mom & dads. Then we are coming home and hiding Easter eggs. The monkeys are looking forward to this. I don't think they remember that we did it last year. I don't think they remember the Easter Bunny leaves them an Easter basket tonight either. But right now that is a mute point, it is after 10 and they are still awake! One of the boys has something beating on it right now. That would be enough to keep me awake.

Today we went to Calhoun. We ate lunch at my aunt and uncles. When we first got there the monkeys were behaving pretty good. Well that didn't last to long. Once they got used to the place they were wild! After lunch before we came home we went over to the outlet mall. They had some good prices on somethings. But most of them seemed to be about the same as in the stores. But then again I was looking at things with 3 - 3 year olds and a husband who really didn't want to be there. Alan & Cheryl were there and they really helped with the monkeys or I would not have got to look at anything! I carried the camera with me today but that was the end of it. Never got it out. Maybe I will do better tomorrow! I sure hope so. I am going to go get it out before I go to be or I will never remember it tomorrow!

Now I am going to make 3 get back in the bed and I think I will go my self!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hey everybody, I am not sure what happened to this today, but I hope I have most of it fixed now. I still have to go back and replace some of the pictures that are now missing. But I will get to that later.

We have been outside all day today. We have had the best time. Paw Paw came up on the tractor and plowed up our new garden spot. We have never had a garden. We have planted tomatoes, but this year we are going to have some more things. I am trying to get the monkeys interested in "helping" me with it. Today we picked up some rocks and if it doesn't start raining we will be up there getting the rest of them up. Abbie was so funny, she would pick up a rock and tell the rock "You not go in Abbie's garden." and then toss it in to the brush. They kind of scare me throwing rocks. I can just see one of them hitting the other one. I hope not. But after looking at the weather I bet we don't get back out there for a few days.

We have been working on going to the potty AGAIN! Abbie, the little one who has told me for at least a year that she is not going to use the potty. Well she wore panties all evening!!!! She went to the potty all by her self! I am so proud of my little princess! Now the boys... well that is a different story. They wore underwear (spider man & batman) for about an hour. I cleaned up pee 3 times! It was time to pull out the pull ups. They have got to get it someday! I HOPE! We have been working on this off and on for a while. I think they are just burned out with it.

Abbie has been sick/having a hard time breathing for the last couple of nights. I think it is allergies. I got her some Clariton today. So far tonight she is doing better. I also put a vaporizer in her room tonight. Last night she sounded terrible! I carried her outside in the night air. This did no good. Carried her in the bathroom and turned on the shower, left her in there and went and started up the 2 vaporizers we have. I rocked her for over an hour and I finally got in the bed around 5:30 or 6 this morning. What sleep she got was in a chair in the living room. To night when she started to bed she told me she needed her "sheen" so she could breath. If it helps I will put it i there every night (as long as they don't mess with it).
But if she is not better soon we will be going to see Dr Coleman. I guess that will mean getting allergie test done, but I am not sure. Maybe this will do it and we won't have to do that.

Well it is almost 12:30, so I am heading to bed!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Levi went to the dentist today. I had planned to carry only him this time but last night he told me that he could not leave his Andy & Abbie at home. So the whole gang went. But he did a lot better! He let them clean his teeth and he even talked to Dr Green! YEA!!!!! Maybe we won't have to start over in 6 months when they have to go back!Momma & daddy went to a cocktail party last weekend. It took us awhile to get their clothes together, but here they are. Daddy didn't have his sports coat on. I think they look pretty good!

I just noticed it is quite! The monkeys are asleep! YEA!

The day has got a little better. I still am not happy with Dr Hubbards office. But I will talk to them some more when we go back up there. I may not get them to change anything, but I will know I tried! I do have some questions for the "good" doc.

1-Is this something that can reoccur easily?

2-Is he going to have any problems from this later?

3-Will this bother him when it rains?

4-Will arthritis set up in this?

And anything else I can think of in the next week. I mean I am paying this man 1m dollars. He can at least answer a few questions. Not that I trust him that much. I have talked to several people who have used him as a doctor. I have not heard anyone say anything good about the man yet. I hope we never have the need for an orthopedic doctor again, but if we do, it will not be this man!

Have a good night!

I almost forgot - Brady the little boy with cancer had his surgery yesterday. He is doing GREAT! If you get a chance ready his blog! God answers prayer everyday - here is proof!

I wonder how some doctors sleep at night. Andy fractured his arm. We have been to the doctor 3 times with it. We have seem the doctor a total of maybe 15 minutes for all 3 visits. After insurance we now owe $759. That is after the $60 per visit co-pay. That comes to $939, balance due $759 + $180 for co-pays. And we have one more visit, another $60. We will go, because I have to know that Andy's arm is OK and that he will not have problems with it later on. But I just wonder how this doctor sleeps at night. This makes me like him even less than I did to start with. I was told by the office staff that they code this this way for the insurance and that we would come out to the good this way.. what???? We are coming out better this way verses charging for any office visit each time??? I am already paying a $60 co-pay each time. That is all I would have to pay if they charged for an office visit each time , on my calculator that adds up to $240. That is a lot less than $939 so how are we coming out to the good doing it this way??? I don't think doctor's offices are used to having anyone question them. When you ask questions no one can answer your questions. And on top of that they act like you are not supposed to question them. Why not... they are not any better than anyone else. Although they seem to think they are. I even called the insurance company and they told me that everything they do is based on the codes the doctors office sends them and it is up to the office to change anything. So that was a dead end. So now we have to pay this, with money that we don't have. I guess the we will just send them some each month. I sure hope that nothing else happens anytime soon. I am also going to see if I can find another doctors office to go to if anyone else has to have a cast!
OK - my vent is finished now. It is just one of those things that we will have to deal with. Life goes on! Thanks for listening!