Friday, April 17, 2009

Today was a really nice day.

I went to the tanning bed first thing this morning. Mike calls this my therapy. He says I am in a much better mood when I am going. I know this is true because I feel better!

The monkeys are totally addicted to play dough! I am trying to think of what Levi calls it but at the moment I can't remember. First thing in the morning, before breakfast, they are asking for it. I make them wait till after we eat. That stuff makes some more mess! Then they will play with it until lunch. After lunch we go outside! I love going out side and they do also. Tonight when bed time rolled around they crawled in bed and were asleep in no time.

Back to the play dough. They will play with it for 3 or 4 hours at a time. Well this stuff is not made to be out for that long. It starts getting hard and they can't do anything with it. So I got on line today and for a recipe for it. I made it for Emily & Jonathan years and years ago and they loved it. But I don't have any cream of tarter. So tomorrow I am going to get some of that and see if I can find them some cheap rolling pins. They have mine right now and I only have 2 ad they are wood. Not a good idea.

Mike was cutting a tree down yesterday afternoon. Before he went out he told them they could go to Abbie's room and look out the window and watch him. This was the first mistake!!!! I went to check on them and they had tore down Abbie's blind. So I am trying to fix the blind and I hear the boys talking in Abbie's room. They are discussing tossing everything out of Abbie's toy box. I yelled in there for them not to do that or they would get in trouble! The response I got tells you just how much they are scared of me telling them they are going to get in trouble... I think Andy said this to Levi, but I am not 100% sure. "HERE WE GO AGAIN." From a 3 year old! Like I am boring them by making them mind or trying to. Andy's normal response is "What ever". I am trying to tell him that this is not nice, I guess I am going to have to add to my not nice list!

Abbie is doing really good going to the potty. She wears her panties all the time when we are at home. Levi decided this afternoon that he wanted to use the potty and he did good. He has been wearing a pull up but tomorrow he wants to ware his underwear. Now I just have to get Andy to doing it!

I have not told the monkeys but I think we are going to go to the play ground in Bowdon tomorrow. They will be thrilled! And Mike will be able to get some sleep when he gets home. It should work out good.

Well I am going to go check on the monkeys and then I am going to see if I can go to sleep.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I will start with a recap of the last few days. Friday I started cleaning. Then the storms came and the power went off. I got 2 or 3 loads of clothes done before the power went off. I think it was 2 loads of monkey clothes and a load of sheets. Saturday morning the power came back on around 8. We got dressed and went to Calhoun. Got home from Calhoun and got everything ready for Sunday. Sunday we went to church, ate & hunted eggs. Enjoyed the day with family. Sunday night/Monday morning we had high wind warnings. By 7:00sh the power was off again. It was off until around 9 or 9:30sh PM, I am not even sure now. I had to carry Andy back to the doctor, for the last time! YEA!! But today I have all the dirty clothes from the last, almost 2 weeks, all the dirty towels and all the dirty dishes that I didn't get done last night. All the floors need to be mopped and the monkeys are playing with play dough. I walked through and looked at the dinning room floor a few minutes ago and it was a colorful sight. I hope that mess sweeps up easy! I have been washing clothes since I got up this morning and I still have about 4 or so loads left.
But the power is on and I am not having to tell the monkeys that it will be OK and the power will be back on later. They are not big fans of not having power, they get that from me!

Andy went back to the doc for his last visit yesterday. They did x-rays and said it looks good. The doc was steadily walking me to the door with me asking questions. For the next 6 months it will be easier for him to fracture again than normal bone. After that it will be just like it never happened. It should not effect him later on when he does things. Arthritis should not set up in it. It should not hurt hi when it rains or the weather changes. Well you get the idea. I think the doc answered the most of my questions with "Just like it never happened", over and over. His appointment was at 1:15, we were there for almost 3 hours! Unreal!!!

I have cleaned out the boys closet between loads of clothes and Abbie's is next. I need to do mine, maybe one day!

I'm going to check and see if another load is dry! Bye!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hey - Hope everyone had a Happy Easter and that the Easter Bunny was good to all! We got up around 8 this morning to Abbie yelling "The Easter Bunny came!!! Boys!!! The Easter Bunny came!!!!" Oh well time to get up.

Andy of course has the blue Easter basket.

Abbie has the pink Easter basket.

Levi has the green Easter basket.

Monkeys playing with the stuff in their baskets. I had to explain to Levi & Andy that the Easter Bunny does not have any Batmen or Spider men. This didn't make them happy.Hunting eggs in the front yard. We used plastic eggs. This will be much better when they find one that we missed in a few weeks. They didn't care, we could have used colored rocks and they would have been happy.

Did you know that the grass in the Easter baskets was hazardous to kids health? Well, when I walked back into my living room and they had it evenly distributed all over my floor, pink, green & blue. That is when it happened! I passed it off as being bedtime and got the vacuum out. Well vacuums do not like this stuff so I had to get the broom and sweep the living room floor to get this mess up. It was a good thing they were in the bed at this point! Now, an hour later it would be great if they were asleep!

We have bad weather in the forecast for tonight. Mike is at work so I am not looking forward to tonight. Maybe it won't be as bad as they are saying!

Well it has gotten quiet so I am going to see if I can get some things done before I go to sleep!