Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday the monkeys stuck with their normal schedule until lunch time. We loaded everyone up and went to Arby's. The monkeys love to eat there. I think it is the curly fries that they like. Then we came home and played in the yard for awhile.Thursday the monkeys and I ate breakfast and went to the park. I was hoping that we would beat the heat by going right after breakfast. It was better than right after lunch. For some reason the boys have become fascinated by bugs. Well, until the bug starts towards them, then they want no part of the bug! And all bugs are spiders or spider man. There is a dead spider that they have found out side. It is spider man sleeping.All 3 of them going down this thing. I am not sure what you call it. Abbie being a dare devil!Abbie & Andy going down the slide.Levi looking for bugs!Levi dancing at the top of the slide.

Abbie going down the slide.

After we got back from the park I was putting them a movie in so that I could do some cleaning. As I walked by Andy I ran my hand over his head. He was burning up. His temperature was 102.4. So I gave him Tylenol. It took both Tylenol and Motrin to get his fever down. I gave him medicine for the rest of the day. I got up at 1:00 in the morning and took him temperature again and it was up to 102.4 (I think that is what it was). Once again it took both Tylenol & Motrin to get it down. I stayed up until around 3:30 to make sure it was going down. It was not bad this morning but by lunch it had started going up again. If it goes through the night tonight I am going to call and see if we can get an appointment in the morning to see the doctor. I am hoping it it a 24 hour thing and is for the most part over. But we will see. He has played and been fine for the most part. This evening around 5:30 he sat down in the living room and went to sleep. He has never done this. Then after he had a nap he went to bed tonight and went to sleep, no playing or talking or anything. I have an ear thermometer and he said it hurt when I checked his temperature tonight so I am wondering if he has an ear infection.

I am going to check on Andy and head to bed. I hope tonight is better than last night was.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The monkeys have a routine that they pretty much stick with. In the mornings they get up and watch TV. Then when I start breakfast they get out their coloring books and color at the table until breakfast is ready. After breakfast they get out the play dough and play with it until lunch. After lunch if weather permits we go outside and stay out there until supper time. Well today Mike was cutting up the tree that the wind blew down a few days ago. Andy & Levi climbed out of the fenced in area and took off. One went one way and the other the other way. I cough Andy but Levi made it to the back yard where Mike is cutting up the tree. Mike never saw him and he was right in front of him. Scared me to death! Levi said it scared him, I hope it scared him bad! After that I made them go in the house. I feel bad for Abbie when I have to do this because she didn't do anything wrong but she is getting punished also. So I have got to think about this and see what I can come up with. After I made them come in the house they got on the dinning room table. I caught it before it turned over with them on it. They have not got on the table in so long! They got in trouble for that. I wish they had obedience/potty training school for toddler! I have 2 that I would in roll so fast it would make your head spin!

After the tornado warning last night I got on line today to see how much a storm shelter would be. I found this...
It is $3,000 and we will have to go get it in TX. or pay for shipping. It is for 8 people so it would be good to the 5 of us. But coming up with the money is going to be the fun part. But I think it is something we are going to have to do sooner or later.

The rest of the week is going to be nice! I am so glad. Tomorrow we are going to work in the garden. We still have rocks to pick up and I need to be getting it planted soon. I think I am going to wait a couple of weeks before I get tomato plants. I would hate for frost to get them.

I have been looking at my hair for the last few days. It has gotten so long (for me) and frizzy. So tonight I cut about 2-1/2" off it. I love it. It feels so much better and it is not near as frizzy. Now I just have to wait and see what everyone has to say about it.

I am looking forward to getting out side tomorrow and I am also hoping that the boys got it out of their systems today and they will half way mind tomorrow. So I am heading to bed, get some rest and get ready to do battle tomorrow!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday we went to the tractor show. The monkeys loved it! But they loved the roosters that they had up there the most. I told them there was a lot of things they could have as pets BUT a rooster was not one of them! There was a display of peddle tractors that they were just mesmerized with. The man who had the display got 2 of them down and they got to ride them. The one Abbie was riding was pink. She wanted to bring it home with her. The man told us that you could still buy that one and it ran around $150. I don't think she will be getting one of those anytime soon! We ate lunch there before we left. They were cooking on grills and it smelled so good! It was good!

Then we went to the car show. Uncle Alan had entered his Jeep. The car show was put on by the Douglas County Humane Society. Needless to say there were dogs every where. Some of them made me nervous. These BIG dogs and the person holding the leash most of the time didn't weigh as much as the dog.
But by the time that we left the monkeys were petting some of the dogs. This is major because they have always been scared of dogs. They all had to sit in the Jeep and I think they thought they could sit in all the other cars to. When we walked around and looked at them we had to keep telling them not to touch.
The only bad thing was Andy lost his Superman. So I called and had granny look for it before they left.

We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home. The monkeys had their first strawberry Sunday. They love ice cream. Abbie & Levi ate all of theirs and wanted another one. Andy left just a little in the bottom of the cup. But that was major for Andy because he does not eat that many sweets.

After we got home and had supper Emily called and told us that she found Superman in her purse. Andy must have stuck it in there at some time. But he got his Superman back!

Today we really didn't do anything. We didn't go to Church so we didn't have to be in a hurry today. I did run to the grocery store. We were about out of anything for breakfast. While I was there I found them a set to go with their play dough. It had a rolling pin, scissors and cookie cutters in it. So when I got home they got out the play dough and started playing. I had to make them put it up so that we could eat supper.

It really never rained today like it was forecast. It waited until tonight, after Mike had gone to work. Around 10:30ish they gave out a tornado warning for Cleburne County. I watched it for awhile to see where it was going. Pretty much straight for us. OK - get the monkeys up and into the van. Off to Granny's house we go. We were up there until around midnight. Then I got to get everyone back into the bed. I am going to check and see how much the underground storm shelters are. We may have to take donations to be able to afford one!

I hope that tomorrow is a pretty day and we can get outside for awhile!

I am heading to bed now. It has already been a long night!